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    There are few positive and less positive things about it.

    The name you chose is too technical and I don't think that you can tell what it is just by hearing the name so if you already went for a technical name, make sure that it's easy to understand.

    I'm all for introducing new styles, concepts and patterns to existing programming languages but you did something that in my opinion you didn't fully understand.

    One of the fundamental things in a framework is a theme and a well defined structure that is easy to follow, I'm sorry but I can see it here.

    The learning curve with Ace is flat once you understand the concept you can start working with any of the Ace libraries, at least in my experience, in your case, I can't really see, I can't vision myself changing things nor extending them, I can't see any of the OO principles standing out in your framework.

    I checked the code and I mean I don't mind having one file containing 4k of lines, however, I do care for comments, documentation and conventions.

    Before you make classes and interfaces you probably want to create a well defined type system, in fact, you need to learn the theory behind anything you implement.

    I understand that you wanted to simplify things but in my opinion you were too focus on bringing the development on par with all kind of existing solutions that doesn't work well for Lua.

    You can build a library that add existing features to the language that it lacks but personally I'm really skeptical to libraries that are trying to change the language to another thing, blending is so much better than changing something that you can't change and it has the advantage that things that previously worked will continue to work.

    I'd expect tests and benchmarks but you didn't provide it and I can't really trust your code.

    With that said, I'm not against you or your framework, I just think that building something like this requires a lot of designing and planning and this goes with the 80/20 rule, spend more time engineering, less time coding.
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