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    My WAU started crashing today for the first time.

    I uninstalled it completely from Add/Remove Programs, reinstalled from http://www.wowace.com/wau/publish.htm

    It still crashes after 10secs, Though I can just leave the Error box alone & continue to use WAU as normal. :|
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    posted a message on ACP - Official Thread
    I'm also a long-time LoadIt user, making the move to ACP. which is quite easy since Dynamic Sets are much better than Static Profiles.

    I have a few pleading suggestions to really boost the usefulness of Sets:
    1) Show what Set(s) an Add-on is a member of in its tooltip, like Outfitter does with Items.
    2) Add/Remove an Add-on to/from a specific Set by right-clicking the Add-on & choosing the Set from a dropdown list.
    3) Sort/Show Add-ons by Set, with orphan Add-ons at the bottom (Uncategorised), Not sure what you'd do about Add-ons in multiple sets though :)

    ACP is a great mod, Thanks!

    Edit: Added Suggestion 3.

    PS: OMG!, nobody spoke about this awesome add-on for over 2 months! :\
    Why isnt a Stable ACP posted on Curse, WoWi, WoWui etc, It guarantee's instant popularity, and ACP deserves it!
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