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    Quote from Grottkvinnan »

    So can anyone please tell how to get the flat look on the unitframes?

    Like this dude got http://static.pici.se/pictures/bUTLyKFVC.jpg

    My guess would be either "Flat" or "Minimalist". Both textures are found in SharedMedia.
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    First of all a big thanks to Avazza for posting your eepanels scripts.

    It all works great except for a weird problem with the border on my target frame. When I first join the game or do a /rl the border on my target frame shows up white for every class. If I open up eepanels and click "edit script" under my target panel and then just click "ok" it magically starts to work.

    function eePanels2:TargetFrameVisibility(self, event, ...)
      local _, class = UnitClass("target");
      if class == "WARRIOR" then
      elseif class == "PRIEST" then
      elseif class == "DRUID" then
      elseif class == "HUNTER" then
      elseif class == "MAGE" then
      elseif class == "PALADIN" then
      elseif class == "SHAMAN" then
      elseif class == "WARLOCK" then
      elseif class == "ROGUE" then
    eePanels2:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD", eePanels2.TargetFrameVisibility)
    eePanels2:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED", eePanels2.TargetFrameVisibility)
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    Quote from Ellipsis »

    The unit frame background is set to 0% alpha so it's completely invisible.

    Can you please tell me where in the config menu I can find the above option. I can't seem to find an option to set the alpha of any background.
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