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    Quote from Chmee

    2. WUU could not find auc-advanced on the auctioneer site, and asked if the site id is correct.
    3. WUU could not find sct-options or sctd at curse (where apparently the WUU database lists them as hosted) but it did find sct and sctd-options at WowAce. It asked if these two (that it couldn't find) site ids are correct, also. :confused: I haven't checked the site-ids out.

    Auctioneer changed the file naming for their Advanced Suite. Try changing your site id for auc-advanced to "AuctioneerSuite" as that worked for me.

    Grayhoof hosts sct and sctd on WoWI which is where I usually grab them. To get them off curse try setting the sctd site id to "sct-damage" and sct-options should be set to "Related" as it comes with the sct download (site id for this should be "scrolling-combat-text").

    I ignore the baggins error.
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