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    posted a message on SexyMap - A tiny bundle of minimap awesomeification
    Sexymap, how I love your curves and styling...

    However, For things to work out between us better, I would request some way that you can let me know when those big bad mean critters stop chasing me...

    (Iunno.... maybe a way to change that really sweet blue rune border to Red while in combat? Awesome map app... I'm running in conjunction with Gathermate and Carbonite with no issues whatsoever!)
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    posted a message on The New Curse Client
    *still watching for CC news*
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    posted a message on Color Picker replacement.
    Thanks a lot! =)

    *Adds Ctrl+f to the search arsenal*

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    posted a message on Color Picker replacement.
    Hey all!

    A long time ago, I used Discord mods... There was a really nifty feature in it which let you "copy" and "Paste" color settings in the window that comes up in game when you want to set the colors for something (like chat windows for example)

    The base UI doesnt have anything to help you pick the same exact color for several elements.. no hex values, RGB, etc.

    Any idea if theres something Ace (or even non-Ace) that handles this?

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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    Quote from elfchief »

    I can honestly say that I've never been more disappointed in the community than I am right now. The majority of the people in this thread appear to be whiny, selfish brats that want nothing more than the world on a platter for free.

    A few of you do bring up good points (and I have no problem with those that do), but the vast majority of the messages in this thread are just whining, plain and simple. You try to take the "moral high ground" by pretending that ads are some sort of evil.. and from the tone of the messages, you'd think it was an evil on the scale of genocide or the like.

    You get hundreds (thousands?) of mods, an extremely active and supportive mod community, the updater, and god knows what else. You get it FOR FREE -- despite the thousands of hours of time and thousands ofs dollars that go into making it possible. Now you're being asked to watch some banner out of the corner of your eye for the two minutes a day you might have the updater up and running, in exchange... and treat it like the end of the world!

    That's a great message to send. "Your time and money is not even worth two minutes of my peripheral vision."

    It's people like you that kill places like this.

    I guess it's worth it to get rid of those evil ads, right?


    Oh, and as for me, I made a donation, and went and intentionally downloaded the WAU version *with* ads, because I try to actually be *appreciative* of people who go out of their way to do nice things out of the goodness of their heart. No conditions, no "do it my way or you don't get a penny," just pure, honest appreciation.

    After all, if I start threatening or attach conditions, it's not really appreciation at all, is it?

    Let me get this straight.... you are completely comfortable with being forced advertisements, even though you send in a donation? That's like paying for HB0 and then having all the terrific commercials still there... or maby like buying a house on a 30 year note, but yet being forced to have a 2x5' LED sign built into the front, constantly urging you to "punch da Munkee".

    In my book, that sorta defines you as a sheep.

    The general point is not the lack of desire to support the site, it is the ethics behind it. Respect your users enough to come out and say something to the effect of "Guys.. we cannot keep this going without donations. We need X, we have Y, we want to have Z raised before the end of the quarter to keep us online."

    It's not people like us who kill places like this, it's the sheep who go along with anything, and eventually land the rest of us in a purely commercial site, a la A0L. (remember ICQ?)

    This site can easily be supported by it's users... it is just the method that people are complaining about. If we don't know the criticality of a situation, we cant be expected to be motivated on a higher level to fix it.

    I am not going to even comment on the "platter for free" comment, it's a rather extreme insinuation.

    and yeah... Anything is worth getting rid of those "evil ads"

    On a side note.. wanna see the funds rise? post donation amounts under people's avatars.. the competition for who's the highest ought to capture at least part of the userbase.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    Quote from sylvanaar »

    Version .27 is up. Click the ad and be done with it. Lets just move on.

    Eh.. yeah.

    "just click on the ad and be done with it?"

    What part of the presence of banners are you not catching?

    Not only to many people abhor seeing them, but actually clicking on them is about the last thing I would ever consider. That is, unless you count rightclicking on the rare web based one to add it to my ABP filters.

    If an update is released without ads, and Ill consider donating.
    If an option for a Premium Membership comes up, I will gladly subscribe to it.. heck, Id see paying in the neighborhood of $5/mo for it.

    Until then, I will use an older version until it breaks. After that I will move to manually updating.

    Yeah.. click on the banner indeed.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    Another statement of disappointment here, the method of invasive ads is just not welcome.

    I have no issue supporting the project up until this little sellout.

    Incredible loss of respect.. to the point that I will probably manually update if I cannot find a way to block the ads.

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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    Great mod! another one added to my Must Have-it list.

    Playing a Rogue and warrior.. I have not noticed the lag thing stated in above posts. Noticed the Poison thing and it's upcoming fix, Thanks! Forgive me if anything below has already been talked about.

    Two observations on my characters, common to them both..

    1- Uber heal pots are not always visible, and occasionally wont activate when clicked. This seems to happen when I have more than one stack in my iventory. I dont know if this happens with any other kind of pot.

    2- the Autobar is shadowed out after landing from a taxi service. This doesnt appear to affect anything, as if I click on a mount, it works as intended. More just an asthetic thing.
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    posted a message on Gutted on Update..
    I *think* so...

    I'm at work at the moment, but Ill check it when I get home..

    If not, it would explain things, and Ill feel even more noobish..

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    posted a message on Gutted on Update..
    Quote from FlareCDE »

    This is intended. The separate directories are all independent load on demand modules. They are spilled out, as you say, so that they don't use up any more resources than necessary.


    I may not have explained that right.. or I am misunderstanding, other guildmates are having this happen too.. After an update where I allow Aceupdater to handle Cartographer, it does that folder spill thing, and Cartographer stops working properly.

    Ill try to scribble whats happening..

    Before (Abbreviated)-

    \addons\cartographer\(Files and 15 other folders)
    \addons\cartographer_(assorted plugins)

    After AceUpdate-

    \addons\cartographer\(only files! no directories)
    \addons\cartographer_(assorted plugins)
    \addons\cartogrtapher_Foglight (Used to be in the Carto folder)
    \addons\cartographer_(insert names of all the other folders which used to be in the Carto folder here)

    I'll give that .nounpack trick a go.. do I place anything in the folder? Do I remove it after updating? or is it a sort of flag for Updater..

    Sorry for being a noob about all this.. Thanks =)
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    posted a message on Gutted on Update..
    Forgive me if this has been brought up, as it's been happening to me for a while now.. I was figuring it would get fixed at some point, so I had not worried about it.

    I am using Cartographer, and a slew of plugins for it.

    Whenever I update my mods via AceUpdater, all the important subdirectories within the Cartographer folder are spilled out into the main Addons folder in a manner not dissimilar to Han Solo's rudimentary use of Luke's light saber on that taun-taun.

    For the most part, I try to remember to uncheck Cartographer on the update list, and do it manually.. but I goofed and didnt last night, prompting me to ask if this is happening to anyone else.

    If there's a known fix, I'm all ears.


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    posted a message on [Idea] "EquipConsider"?
    Using what RatingBuster and some other mods out there do, but going a bit further, I envision something along the lines of a paperdoll in which one can switch out various items (seen on the AH, loot tables, links, quest rewards, etc.) in order to determine a desired outcome of stats and effects.

    It would list all critical values based on Class, Level, (spec?), and whatever is "equipped" in the window, AP, Crit, +hit, +spell damage, +heal... the "whole nine yards"

    Maby even a way to save sets for later comparison.

    Envision as I may, I am clueless to how to code such a thing..

    Any ideas?
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