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    Dont know, whether it was reported already, but my Pitbull Party frames totally mix up when changing lead or adding a person to the party. For example, at position 2 the healer is presented with all data correct, but healing this person via mouseover heals the tank. Klicking on it presents the tank too. Other frames are mixed up, too. Reloading the ui doesnt help. Only opening the settigs for pitbull and selecting/unselecting "sort by name" helps a little bit.

    Same for raid frames

    Same here since today.
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    Has anyone gotten Baggins to play nice with Outfitter? (I know ClosetGnome is integrated, but I have grown to love Outfitter..)

    Anyway, I want to set up a bag group for weapons and armor that are Not assigned to an outfitter set.

    I have just submitted a small addon I made, that does just that. http://files.wowace.com/Baggins_Outfitter/

    So far you can only filter items used in any of your sets. I might add support for individual set filters later.

    Add it as a "NOT" operation to remove items assigned to any outfitter set, in your Baggins category.
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