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    Acccch - should have checked Curse before I posted!

    Just tried the newest version - b3.0.7-testing-pkgmeta - and it works a treat - top stuff! :-)

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    I've been having problems with it on beta :-(

    I can toggle the anchor dot from red to green, but can't move it.

    When I open pallypower, I get 11 class boxes across the top - all have the warrior icon, and has "PlayerButton" 8 times below the warrior icon.

    I get 8 Pally rows across - all say SomePallySpare and have 999 for the reagent number. The blessing icons in the pally box, I have..

    Wis 0/0 Might 0/0 Kings 0/0
    Sanc 0/0 Kings 0/0 Sanc 0/0

    All the blessings are set to Wis and can't be changed.

    None of the buttons - Options, Clear or Refresh do anything when pressed.

    I also get the warning "Your addons are experiencing a large number of errors and may be slowing down the game. You can turn on display of Lua errors in the interface options."

    Switched on show Lua errors - get "Interface\AddOns\PallyPower.lua:1800: attempt to index field 'opt' (a nil value)" pops up straight away.

    And "Interface\AddOns\PallyPower.lua:1781: attempt to index field 'opt' (a nil value)" pops up when I opened PallyPower. Followed by "Interface\AddOns\PallyPower.lua:706: table index is nil" - which stays when Okay is pressed.

    It's version b.3.0.7 (Changelog says 2008-09-27) and it's the only addon I'm running. I'm in the EU beta. I've had the problem with a few versions of pallypower in the beta - should have posted earlier - sorry!

    It's an awesome addon btw, all our raiding pallies use it :-)

    All the work you put in to keeping it up to date is much appreciated!
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