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    Thanks Orion, i was afraid this was the case :(
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    I can't find where (if at all) it's possible, to change the Font size of the TimeStamp independantly of the chat frame font size.

    I like the regular chat size to be say 11 but i would like the timestamp itself to be of a smaller size say 9 or even smaller. Is this possible?
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    Thanks Sylvanaar

    Was a bit reluctant to use the updater, but i guess I'll have to brave it. Was always easy for me to peruse the File directories and choose either the ext or no-ext versions and do the old manual download choice thingy lol. Shows my age :(

    OK - did it & i lived ;)

    I did as per step 4 - Open WowAceUpdater, click Edit -> Preferences. There is a row called DeleteBeforeExtracting. If False is beside it, click false, then the small Down arrow. Select True and close the preferences window.

    Is that meant to delete the files in the directory first? It does a check & says it is already updated (did it manually this morning) & leaves the file with externals still in it. Should i manually delete the libs in the folders or just wait for their respective updates to clean them out? Or just delete the Folders & let the updater redownload & install the ones i want?
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    Quote from FlareCDE »

    You don't need to install standalone libs unless you choose not to use the embedded libraries. If you don't install them, the only way to update them is to get them from the SVN directly, get the new library version manually, or get a mod that has the library and has been updated since. If you do use them, delete the libs directories, or download the no-ext versions of the mods, the optional dependencies will then load the standalones.

    I can't seem to locate an easy link to the no-ext versions since the patch and its pressure on WoWAce's site caused changes. Is there still one apart from manually typing in the "/FileName/no-ext/" to get there?
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    Thank you for setting me straight Tekkub :O Consider myself told !!
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    Thanks Tekkub, i guess that answers my question then :)  As long as there IS a good way to sort mods & the modders slip in the required info :)
    Although i do have to personally disagree with:
    Don't add shit to the Title field, it's ugly.
    .  Simply having:  RAID in front of raid mods on the load screen doesn't make it ugly for me or many others i've spoken to, although it can certainly lead to abuse of it & i think that's what you mean?

    I will have to make sure people using mods have at least 1 of those mod sorters, will make it a lot easier in the end :)

    For all my favourites that don't use the X-Category, then i will have to manually adjust them myself each revison.  Ah well such is life :)
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    Quote from dafire »

    Alphabetic sort of the addons is fine.

    I have really many mods installed (many inactive) but the only ones I have to search are those with color codes in the beginning of the name and if a mod's title starts with a different name then it's folder name.

    True, if your memory hasn't been faded by the years of children and alcohol overindulgence :P
    My point is, if you want to package up some mods for your guildies etc, then unless they live in the land of Mods like you, I and a lot of others, then they are fairly clueless :( 
    Having categories makes it VERY simple for everyone :)
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    I posted this on Sourceforge (WowAceUpdater) http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=178751&atid=886398 in case it belongs there, but thought it best if it is to be done that there was some form of convention first:
    Some mod authors & packagers append the TOC file - Title line - to create some form of an addon "Managing Menu".  This makes it very easy to find & change which mods you want "active" on a certain character.
    I first noted this on mod packages from Devla (Wowinterface).

    an example here is BigWigs which i changed to include a category (Raid) and the version (not totally necessary but a great help).

    change BigWigs TOC file (Title Line) from:
    ## Title: Big Wigs |cff7fff7f -Ace2-|r
    ## Title: |cffFF0000RAID |r- Big Wigs r16639 |cff7fff7f -Ace2-|r

    With various categories of:

    ## Title: |cff5B8E6APvP |r- BattlefieldCommander2 v2.2.2
    ## Title: |cff19cc19HUNTER |r- ZHunterMod v3.02
    ## Title: |cff993300CASTER |r- WhisperCast v3.1a
    ## Title: |cffb27f4cWARRIOR |r- Zorlen_WarriorSpam
    ## Title: |cff663300MELEE |r- TankPoints
    ## Title: |cff993300CASTER |r- SmartBuff
    ## Title: |cff7f4ce5WARLOCK |r- Servitude Resurrection (v060331.3)
    ## Title: |cffCC6666TRADE |r- SellEnchant
    ## Title: |cff7fffffMAGE |r- Polymorph Helper
    ## Title: |cffe5e519ROGUE |r- PoisonMaster

    Is it possible to have WowAceUpdater modify the TOC's in the above way?

    Is it possible that some form of Implementation by the Mod Authors based on a predefined (& agreed) standard of adding a "Category" style to the TOC's could be spoken about (if it hasn't already)?

    It makes it SO much easier for people to find & change the Mods they want activated.  Most modders & UI fiddlers have MANY addons and play around with them quite a bit.

    Any chance???
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    Quote from SpUpUz »

    support gatherer support atlas loot enahnaced??

    Another vote here :)
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    Sounds great :)

    A search function?
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    Quote from KnThrak »

    Please no WIM-like chatfunctionality. That'd make Prat become way too big. And is a feature which is useless for nearly all WoW-players, so it should be a separate addon (WIM).
    I agree in part KnThrak, but a LOT of WoWers are actively involved in Raiding Guilds and for them this is a major problem area.
    Quote from Curney »
    I agree that it's important to keep things in scope but the cool part of Prat is that if you don't want to use a module you can either toggle it off or delete its file because it is modular

    Thankyou boss man :) Options that you CAN use (or NOT use) load or NOT load are what it's all about :)
    [quote=st0nedpenguin]Am I missing something there, or does my client already have tabs, adjustable windows, docking, unanswered messages notice, a sound for incoming messages and ]
    Well i guess you are reasonably correct. A Hyundai is a car, but it's no Lexus, BMW or Porsche. Modders don't just want to "re-invent" because they can. They want to make things better & more useable than the Generic Interface Blizzard throws at the masses. If Blizzard didn't want you to play with the UI then they most certainly would make it so you couldn't. Lets face it, if you didn't like the way a UI was or how it played, how long would you put up with it for?
    [quote=neenee]Hm. I think most of those features, apart from perhaps colorising custom keywords, are something for a new addon or already exist in addons such as the ones you mentioned (Chatr, ForgottenChat). Adding tabs and a messaging-like feature, would turn Prat into something completely different than what it is now.
    As for ]
    Neenee, yes Prat does already do some of those things fine, i was merely "Dot Pointing" for clarity and a listing reference. For links I still use the outdated Link Wrangler because it allows up to 5 links on the screen at a time, just cant let go of it lol

    The basis for me originally posting was that it would be great to have a Chat Mod that did ALL chat. Not have several Mods to get what you want. Sometimes individual mods don't play well with each other, some don't use Ace etc etc. To get them all under the one roof would be great for the end user (not so for the modders free time i'd guess).

    Putting the idea out there might prompt someone to say, "Shit, I've wanted that too. I can code, dang, I'm gonna give it a go"
    If Curney says it's not on the drawing board then that's cool too. Nothing ventured, nothing gained :)
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    Prat seems to be coming along nicely :)

    Damn - that's a lot of posts to read through :O
    I haven't finished reading all the posts yet, but i would like to see if any of these that haven't been mentioned are being considered:

    Personal chat windows module (whispers etc)? Ala Chatr / WIM / ForgottenChat? Or is that not to be considered for this Mod?
    If it is, then ... what i think would make a SUPER ChatMod:
    - Tabs
    - Adjustable Windows (resize, minimise to tab, dock etc)
    - Minimise in combat as an option
    - Unanswered messages notice (maybe a regular interval reminder beep till messages opened?)
    - Sound for incoming messages
    - Conversation History for more than just the session. Preferably as far back as the user needs/wants
    - Complete linking of items & URLs
    - Copy / Paste functions
    - Oh, did i mention Tabs ... :P
    - prettying up stuff like colours for particular things like names etc
    - probably more needs, just cant think of them atm
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