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    Quote from Gyffes
    hi I have a little problem with Skinner.

    I get a frame at the bottom center which I did not get away.

    hi ich habe ein kleines Problem mit Skinner.

    Ich bekomme ein Frame unten in der Mitte den ich nicht weg bekomme.

    falls du bartender4 nutzt, so wie ich, habe ich die lösung bereits beschrieben: http://forums.wowace.com/showpost.php?p=322509&postcount=4851

    einfach die blizzard fahrzeug ui deaktivieren
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    Quote from Jncl
    Hi magicjohansen,
    The RaidBrowser frame is pushed to the right when I open the Dungeon Finder, how do you manage to get them overlaid ?

    That is also true for me, but only when i select the raid browser or the szenario browser. These two work perfectly alright. Only the dungeon finder overlays everything. Maybe this is due to other installed addons as I am the only one reporting this issue.

    As said before - if I am the only one experiencing this problems - it is not that big of a deal.

    €dit: Update, I disabled all addons on another char except skinner and some libraries. Result, also the dungeonbrowser is skinned and looks as it should. So it has to do with one of my addons (which are quite a lot ;)) Maybe other user have already came across such cross addon issues. The most important addons i have installed are:

    DBM (Vanilla - Mop)
    Bazooka for several Broker Addons
    TidyPlates (inkl threat plates)

    €dit2: I guess i found the addon to blame - its MoveAnything MOP. As the orignal MoveAnything is not developed any further I gave this alternative a try. After disabling MoveAnything everything worked as intended. I am glad that it is not one of the important addons ;)
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    thx for the quick update, but unfortunately I have the same issues with the raidbrowser as described before. I can also confirm the deadly bossmods issue illustrated above.

    all in all only minor problems for me - I am ready for mop ;)
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    hiho, i also want to share my experiences after the update with you.

    first of all thanx for the update - everything is running pretty smooth once again.

    ackis recipe list also works fine - at least for me as the following screenshot shows.

    although i have a strange issue with the dungeon browser ever since the patch hit which is maybe not directly linked to skinner. see the following screenshot

    everything other than that seems fine.

    €dit: sorry i did care about resizing the images ;)
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    Quote from furfmonkey
    Having an issue with skinner bottomframe just started with new patch.. im seeing a white box or bar underneath and i cant make it go away i checked all the boxes in the skinner config any help would be great im posting a pic to help its the greyish bar below my buttons on bottom..it might not even be skinner but i have disabled all my addons and anything that i thought could interfere

    I've experienced the same issue, however I was able to fix it. As I hate to disable my addons for troubleshooting I did it with all addons up and running - especially bartender4. If you open the options menu of bartender4 select the very top element on the left hand side called "Leisten" (I am Austrian ;)) so in English this should be bars or something like that. Then simply deselect the first option on the right side "Blizzard-Fahrzeug-UI verwenden". Should be in English something like use blizzard-vehicle-UI. Once you've done this you should be fine.

    I hope this helps.
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