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    posted a message on OneBank Not Opening Correctly
    I solved this thing

    Just disable CartographerRoutes addon.
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    posted a message on SpellReminder - Official Thread
    Sorry Oridan, i posted in wrong addon theme =)) little confused!!!

    it was in ShoutReminder not spellreminder!!!!

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    posted a message on SpellReminder - Official Thread
    After some tests i figure out the problem....

    "As of 2.2 the screen coordinates are no longer relative to the TOPLEFT instead they are relative to closest screen position which can be TOPLEFT, TOP, TOPRIGHT, LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT, BOTTOMLEFT, BOTTOM and BOTTOMRIGHT be sure to use/save the relativePoint argument in addition to xOfs and yOfs for frame positioning or your frames will appear at the wrong place and even off the screen.
    Retrieved from "" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://www.wowwiki.com/API_Region_GetPoint"

    so fix here is:
    lines 233-239
    if self.db.profile.barposition[name].x and self.db.profile.barposition[name].y and 
    	self.db.profile.barposition[name].p and self.db.profile.barposition[name].rp then
    		f:SetPoint(self.db.profile.barposition[name].p, UIParent, self.db.profile.barposition[name].rp, self.db.profile.barposition[name].x, self.db.profile.barposition[name].y)
    		f:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER", 0, 50)

    lines 243-250

    			local p, _, rp, x, y = this:GetPoint()
    			this.owner.db.profile.barposition[name].x = math.floor(x)
    			this.owner.db.profile.barposition[name].y = math.floor(y)
    			this.owner.db.profile.barposition[name].p = p
    			this.owner.db.profile.barposition[name].rp = rp
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    posted a message on SpellReminder - Official Thread
    I have some positional bug...
    after i relogon bars go somewhere...

    I fix it by
    235 line:

    f:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", UIParent, "TOPLEFT", self.db.profile.barposition[name].x, self.db.profile.barposition[name].y)

    i changed to

    f:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER", self.db.profile.barposition[name].x, self.db.profile.barposition[name].y)

    so thanx for this addon...

    and small point, can u make announce of spell is off (ex. Battle shout) not only than spell gone,
    but also than i enter combat and havent this spell on.
    I have an old addon EtherealBuffReminder... i think u can get idea from. see attachment.
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