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    posted a message on LF an Addon - Debuff/Buff Tracker
    I'm looking for an addon that tracks debuffs on the target but it will count Curse of the Elements, Earth and Moon or Master Poisoner as 1 debuff. As you know there are some type of debuffs need to be up like always on the target;

    Debuffs I want to track on target;

    - Armor

    - Attack Speed Slow

    - Bleed Damage

    - Cast Speed Slow

    - Healing

    - Physical Damage Reduction

    - Physical Vulnerability

    - Spell Critical Strike Chance

    - Spell Damage Taken

    Buff I want to track on myself;
    Agility and Strength
    Attack Power (%)
    Critical Strike Chance (%)
    Damage (%)
    Mana Increase
    Mana Regen
    Melee Haste
    Physical Damage Incoming
    Pushback Protection
    Spell Haste
    Spell Power
    Stat Multiplier

    These debuffs/buffs should be tracked in the raid. I want just an addon like above which tracks one of the debuffs, like Spell damage Taken (CoE, E&M, etc) is available on the target. If one of them is available, it will show as green or tick like above always on my screen.
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    posted a message on Recount
    I have some suggestions for improvement of Recount, I think they are not hard to to implement.

    - I want to add a target name to show its damage taken before combat. If such a name is taken any damage, it will start to report. (At the moment I should wait that target damaged by someone to get the name)
    - Multi Screen (such as Damage done + Healing + Death on seperate screens like 3 recount opened at the same time)
    - Death Time on main screen (There could be a death time on the death count list for the last time they died, and it should be on that order)
    - damage taken or damage done by a specific name of spell to who it hits with total damage done/taken. (manually write spell name) For example, I write spell name as "Serpent Sting" manually, and it will show on a different screen that what it damages
    to how much or who.
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    posted a message on Debuff/Buff Marker
    OK guys,

    I need an addon that randomly marks people in the raid when they get a specific debuff (I will name it). it will just work like addon named Penetrator but it should work for every debuff or even maybe buffs which I will name...

    I need this addon for Chimaeron's Caustic Slime, and healer will heal the specific mark only, instead of having hard time healing and wasting mana... We assigned healers for groups but sometimes 3 ppl got slime at the same time from a group, it makes harder for them to heal.
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    posted a message on Real-Time Stat Tracking Addon
    this one covers most of what I want, thank you.
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    posted a message on Real-Time Stat Tracking Addon
    ow, so sorry :( I didnt know about it, thanks for taking post to where it supposed to be.
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    posted a message on Real-Time Stat Tracking Addon
    Is there any addon that allows us to track real-time stat in combat specially?

    For str, agi, and crit and mastery? the reason why I need such an addon is that I would like to see that I pass the limit of crit or mastery in combat while getting buffs from temporarily pots or buffs from other ppl/pet etc...
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    posted a message on Proximo 2.0 - Beta Testing
    how can I control Proximo2 while I'm not in the Arena? /proximo doesnt work at all? (ok done, /ace3 :P)

    1-) could you add to the reporting system with options /rw and their Talent Tree, like XXXX Mage (Frost) (I solved this)
    1.1 - I can only report one way, I want to report on Party char and I want to see it with SCT options at the same time or more report like whisper as well. (Only one option atm)

    2-) is there any possibility to give it another function like warns HP when it is about 10-20% according to user's option?
    2.1 - Wanna do it Raid Warning (not working atm I think) and Party at the same time like above option.
    3-) Drink warning - It will warn raid member while one of the opponent starts to drinking.
    4-) Out Of Combat Warning - If one of the opponent goes out of combat, it could report it as well, easy to be done, it will only look up how much seconds one of the opponent doesnt do anything except himself.
    5-) Ressing warning - It will warn raid members while someone is trying to ress, specially good for 5v5.
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