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    When I updated to WoW 5.4.3, all my battle pet addons broke.

    I am using the latest PetBattle Teams, PetCaught, PetTracker, Pokemon Trainer.

    What happens if I have any of these loaded is:
    (1) My pets, both battle pet and combat pet, (I am a hunter) do not follow me around: They are in-game, but just standing in the spot where they were when the game launched.
    (2) My 'logout' and 'exit' system menu buttons do nothing. I have to manually kill the game from the Windows desktop to remove it.
    (3) If I try to dismiss my combat pet, I get some animation, but no progress bar and nothing happens.

    If I dont load any battle pet addons, the game plays normally (and all my other non battle pet addons work). If I load any single battle pet addon, or combination thereof, I get the above happening.

    Any suggestions on what I can do?
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