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    Quote from Phanx
    Globals were removed from Grid months ago; you must not have looked far enough back in the changelogs. The change was also discussed in this thread, along with the exact same code "fixes" for plugins that you posted, multiple times over the last 6+ weeks.

    Anyway, you said you have Grid plugins that haven't been updated yet. If you're not going to list which ones they are (so I can either tell you where to find an update, or contact their authors to fix them) why bother posting at all?

    Gaddor lists some on his post on Curse.

    GridStatusPWShield is another that broke but a kind poster on the web page showed how to patch its LUA file to fix it "properly".

    The wierdest breakage for me was that IceHUD stopped working until I made the changes to Grid that Gaddor listed in above link. Strange that IceHUD has a dependency on Grid Globals. Or it is some strange convoluted dependency through Ace2 stuff.

    So many of my addons have different versions of various Ace2 libs in their "libs" subdirectories. It has never been clear to me how such conflicts get resolved.
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    Anyone get FuBar to work on the PTR?

    When I load it I get no errors but the plugins are all mixed up. Here is
    what happens. If I have only one plugin loaded, FuBar does not see any
    plugins. If I have two loaded, FuBar sees only one of them. If I put it
    on a bar, it shows up with the title of the first plugin but with
    the content and icon of the other plugin. So if I have Recount and FuBar_MoneyFu,
    I will see "Recount" as the only plugin available in FuBar's config. If
    I put that on the bar, I see Recount as the title of the drop down but
    the contents are the MoneyFu contents and the icon on the bar is MoneyFu's.
    And so on if I add a third, fourth, ... plugin

    FuBar_Durability shows up in red in the AddOn list and doesn't seem to work at all.
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