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    weird, its suposed to work right away, I'll look into that, as well as into many other things when I have some time (exams soon, so not right away)

    Cnc.. first off, this is a fantastic mod, where can we donate?

    Second, the shapeshift/remap issue still exists. It requires a /reloadui for it to work.
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    Quote from Holte »

    I have a problem where I can't change action bar pages when in combat. To explain, my main bar has 3 pages of 15 buttons, as soon as combat starts it sticks on the page I am currently on. It works fine out of combat though.

    Same here. This is a problem, since I'm a healer that also does damage. I have a raid damage and raid healing page, and I can't switch between the two while in combat.
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    Quote from Mist »

    Quote from jjsheets »

    Quote from Dermi »


    i play a priest and would like to have a feature, that bar changes depending on harmful or helpful target. So i can set my dmg spells and heal spells in 1 bar and it shows what i can do with the target.

    Definitely a possibility, but I don't have it set up just yet. I'll add it to the list.

    I second this, would be a great feature.

    Thirded. With this option, InfiniBar would win at life. Actually, a way of customizing based on mob type, class, etc. of the target would be superlative.

    I'm really, really liking it right now. I think it might just be my long-sought solution since FlexBar went belly-up. If I were a rich company executive, I'd hire you and pay you much scratch.

    Well done, jjsheets. ;D
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    I don't think I'm getting a bad lib, as I mistakenly assumed earlier. I think the meat of what you said initially is the case. It's probably that I had multiple versions of Ace2 being used by multiple mods that I've gotten from files.wowace.com (as all mods from there have their own version of the library in their distribution). Some kind of bad voodoo interference among the disparate Ace2 library versions was the culprit. Centralize the Ace2 library and problem solved (I hope).

    I'm still curious about the control-key bindings for Flexbar2, though. If there's an answer to that question, that would allow me to go ahead and use FB2 for my interface. I'm heavily dependent on the 1-6/C1-C6 keys for gameplay. I only rarely use buttons during play, so not having that functionality is a real deal-breaker for me.
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    Hmm.. I just clicked on the link for Flexbar2 on files.wowace.com.


    That's the link. The package contains the Ace2 library in a "Libs" directory. I haven't the foggiest about the particulars of how it's packaged. I just click the link. :D
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    Sorry for the flurry of posts. I'm having trouble binding control-key combinations to buttons. E.g. using key="CTRL-1" for SetBinding(key) doesn't bind the key to that button. I'm trying to modify Ominous's code to experiment. Here's the relevant bit:

    local bind = {"1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "ctrl-1", "ctrl-2", "ctrl-3", "ctrl-4", "ctrl-5", "ctrl-6"}
    function Ominous.BottomBar1()
     [.. snip ..]
     for i = 1,12 do
      [.. snip ..]
      if bind[i] then

    This displays the binding text "ctrl-1" etc. on each of the buttons, but when I click control-1, it highlights button one (instead of button 6 as it should) and does no action. It's the same for SHIFT and ALT.
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    That's fine for me, and thanks for the suggestion, but the point behind posting it here is to let cnc know that the library he's included with FB is broken. :) BTW, I have the latest version of FB2 from files.wowace.com. (r31984)

    Edit: Seerah, you are correct. I installed the Ace2 addon and it fixed the problem. I think it has to do with the fact that I had multiple Ace-based addons with different working with different versions of Ace. I found this out after some of them started behaving strangely after installing FB2 and Omnibus. Installing a central Ace2 library seems to have fixed these issues.
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    I'm not sure I understand. I don't have Ace2 installed as a mod. Flexbar is using the version of Ace2 that came packaged with the version I downloaded (the latest from files.wowace.com).

    Also, this error only happens with Flexbar installed.
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    Has there been any effort to produce API documentation? Just a class list with methods would do (and maybe some hints on the event interface). The code has very little documentation, so it's a little cumbersome to parse.

    Thanks a million for your excellent work!


    Also, I'm getting this error when I log in. I have Bongos installed, but only for its non-actionbar functionality.

    Date: 2007-04-26 13:52:07
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...e\AddOns\FlexBar2\Libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua line 138:
      attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
      [C]: ?
      (tail call): ?
     Bongos, v7.1.13
     BonusScanner, vv2.1
     Cartographer, vr30797
     CartographerQuestObjectives, v0.9b
     ChatMOD, v81
     Decursive, v2.0.0 BETA 6-Pub-fixed
     FlexBar2, v30060
     MonkeyAPI, v3.0 Alpha
     MonkeyBuddy, v3.0 Alpha
     MonkeyClock, v3.0 Alpha
     MonkeyQuest, v3.0 Alpha
     MonkeySpeed, v3.0 Alpha
     OneBag, v2.0.26107
     OneRing, v2.0.26109
     OneView, v2.0.26110
     SacredBuff, v2.6 r31886
     SmartBuff, vv2.0iDev1
     SmartDebuff, vv2.0d
     Stubby, v1326
     Swatter, v3.9.0.1362
     Titan, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanAmmo, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanBag, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanClock, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanCoords, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanItemBonuses, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanLootType, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanMoney, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanPerformance, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanRegen, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanRepair, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanRider, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanStanceSets, v3.0.5.20003
     TitanXP, v3.0.5.20003
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