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    posted a message on Sprocket
    I've been looking for something like this before.
    Is it able to follow the mouse?
    Are the spells scrollable?
    And am i able to use mouse click for useing ability and change page?

    What i mean is and would be very nice is that if you for example hold mouse4 the spocket pops up and follow mouse, by using the scroll wheel i can choose different spells and abilities.
    The top or center spell/ability would be the useable one which i can use when i left click with my mouse. Rightclicking would let me change bar/page between page 1-3.
    Would also be nice to lock sertain bars in combat so i wouldn't be able to change page to my food and drinks and such while fighting.

    Haven't been able to try it out yet but will as soon i get home, these are just some things i personally would like but i understand if you might not like them.

    I'll have to try this addon out when i get home, it seems awesome.

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    posted a message on Estimated Time to Death
    Would be nice if someone would want to make a Estimated Time to Death addon with timers and bars for raid/party only. Pulling timers and possible bars either out from mt targets, choosen or only boses.
    Could be just a module for unitframe addons or make real time bars showing ETtD/total time in combat.
    At multiple encounters there could would be a new timer bar for each one
    Would be fun to see how much longer we'll be fighting this boss and how long the whole battle was.
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    posted a message on EavesDrop 2.0 (a SCT style combat log)
    Would be nice with an option stop it from interfearing with mouse clicks, little annoying not being able to target or loot something that is behind it.

    Block menu from frame, either access it from command or throu fubar or something.

    And donno if it's possible but would also be very nice with option to split incomming and outgoing in two different frames so they dont bump each other all the time. That would give a tad bit more time to see what happen in the frame before it gets bumped away from sight. Could even have 3 frames with 3rd for unspecified messeges like +/- combat ability gains and such.

    Great addon love it so far and haven't recived any bugs from it at all.
    Thank you!
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    posted a message on Detox
    How about something like

    • Player
    • Group
    • Class

    And ability to set 6 different states of priority 0-5 0 5 being the one with highest priority and 0 being no debuffing at all
    Player selected priorities should be checked before group and class ones.
    Selecting a player to the priority list would probably be easiest by adding it to the list manually by writing in the name, which should be stored until manually reseted.

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