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    Quote from OrionShock
    Those other updater's are not making money off the free bandwidth, wowmatrix is.

    I call BS on that one. care to explain exactly HOW, in your opinion, WoW Matrix is making money off the hosts bandwidth?

    people don't have to pay to use WoW Matrix. the small ad links are much less intrusive than the WAU ads were. and you see them no matter if you download an addon from any host or not.

    actually, if I'd go to the websites directly and browse all my addons for updates it would use much more bandwidth than WoW Matrix uses thanks to all the fancy gfx and stuff. :cool:
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    I am trying to add a custom bar to IceHUD to display threat info using Threat-1.0.

    It's working ok so far:

    However, I am trying to make the bar gradient according to my current threat. I tried something like:

    IceHUD.IceCore:SetColor("ThreatCustom", 255, 255-threatPct, 0)

    in my Update function. But it doesn't work for some reason and freezes my WoW for several seconds.

    Any ideas? :)

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