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    I have a request, it probably isn't really new, but I couldn't find anything about it on the todo list whatsoever.
    I read about paladin's divine intervention being tracked on the cooldown monitor some time ago, though I couldn't find anything about it on last few pages, so I wanted to ask, if there are still plans on including this, because it would be coming in really handy. I guess innervate cooldowns, shieldwall cooldowns and some other stuff would be interesting as well. I remember CTRA not supporting this, so is this why this idea probably was dropped?

    Another thing I would appreciate about the cooldown monitor would be options on what's to be displayed. Meaning: if you're not interested in soulstone cooldowns but in battle rezzes only, it would be nice, if you could turn of the cooldowns you actually don't want to see.

    Edit: also an option to disable tooltips on the maintanks, maintanktargets and playertargets would be nice
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