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    posted a message on Assessment - Official Thread
    Just wanted to report what I suppose is a bug.
    When you use the shift-click on a bar, the rank isn't always accurate.
    It can look like:
    1. Fireball
    2. Fire Blast
    Shift click fireball bar I get 1. Fireball, but when I shift click fire blast I get 5. Fire Blast.

    Another feature that would be great with the shift click, since when you use the normal report you get the "topic" so you can easy see who/what etc that is posted.
    Recap use something similar to, "Recap: <Player>: <Skill> heal/dmg for <Value>" when shift clicking on a ability/bar.
    What I'm getting at is the name also getting posted in some fasion. Add a "Player |", "(Player)" or similar syntax in front/behind when shift posting.
    2. Fire Blast (26), 44.7k, Average: 1720, Maximum: 2384 (Player)
    Player | 2. Fire Blast (26), 44.7k, Average: 1720, Maximum: 2384

    On a second thought.
    Since there are some bars with the name include already, Damage Dealt, Critical Hit Rate, or no skill name at all, Player: Skill.
    When shift click these it doesn't really give a clear indication of what is posted. Maybe better to add the "topic" in front/behind.
    Player: Fire Blast: 1. Critical Hit (13), 27.1k, Avg: 2082.5
    1. Critical Hit (13), 27.1k, Avg: 2082.5 | Player: Fire Blast
    Damage Dealt - 1. Player, 301k, 88%

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    posted a message on Bigwigs - Custom Timer?
    Could it be possible to add a second format for custom bars?
    Maybe /bw(l)cb <minutes:seconds> <text> , or <5m30s> <text>, just to make it a little easier when announced odd minute breaks :p
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    posted a message on BigWigs - The Eye
    Quote from teedog »

    Quote from Funkydude »

    bigwigs is also one to avoid spam, making bars for every single person that has the toy would result in that.

    Hmm I'm referring to phase1, when we face Telonicus alone. There are hardly any bars up, unlike Kael phase3 or Vashj. He doesn't use Remote Toy *that* often. In any case, it's not a big deal, just thought I'd mention it. BigWigs seems to have a bias against non-warrior tanks. :)

    This was actually a issue I was going to suggest also, going when healers / hunter tank (if you use that for the bow), is a extra risk my guild at least don't want. At the moment I have to rely on the raid members with DBM to know when to enter phase2 since I only use BW.

    Having got our first kill recently I might have missed it, but I don't think I saw a bar for the duration of Gravity Lapse (30sec I think), as you want to know when it's about to end this could be useful. (and if it's already there and I missed it, I blame the excitement of a first kill :) ).
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    posted a message on Raid Window Lock-Up Problems
    Multitips have a taint issue with the raid panel i think, disabling it sorted it for me.
    Was mentioned it awhile ago,
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    posted a message on OMEN Soundfiles
    Minor problem, but maybe add so the sound is played when selecting one of them. (i know prat's sounds module does this, soo i used that to check how they all sounded, but would be easier if the omen menu could do it also).
    Anyway nothing major, thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on Threat plugin for ora2 MTlist? (or other frames)
    If I've understood right the Threatlib currently being worked at can support multiple mob.
    I know there are threat meters already in the works, which might already handle multiple mob but otherwise my idea:

    A plugin that add a extra frame to the ora2 MTlist; |MT| |Target| |ToT| |Threat|

    The |Threat| would be something like; your threat / MT threat vs current target (xx%): | 12k / 30k (40%) |.
    Maybe colored 0% -> 90% green, 91%-109% yellow, 110%->129% orange, 130%+ red. (only up to 110% if melee until red).

    Could also be a idea maybe in the unitframes add a similar bar, for that unit.
    In example pitbull, on the Target frame (or make a new target threat frame), add a threat bar, would be the same as on the MTlist.
    Your threat vs the targets target threat;

    I've seen some posts touching on a similar idea;
    There is a alternative (or just more configurable) KTM window in RDX:
    A your threat vs the MT idea;

    If there already is something similar out there or if its not possible don't hesitate to reply otherwise if someone think it could be a good idea please go for it.
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