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    I'm trying to re-create a simple system of playing sounds used in The Palace chat program. You just type )soundname as a normal chat in group or guild or whatever, and anyone who has the SoundShare addon I made will notice the ) and attempt to play soundname.wav if the sound exists in the sounds folder. This all works fine and good and lets my friends spam eachother with movie quotes and fart noises =)

    The next added feature they want is a list box of all the sounds in thier folder, that they can scroll thru, and click to paste the )soundname to the chatbox. Im new to the WoW addon scene but I'm competent with XML and object-oriented languages so I was hoping to just find something similiar and hack it into what I need. But, I'm having trouble finding something simple that uses a list box.

    Could anyone suggest a simple example of a list box or whip one up quickly?

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