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    posted a message on Is there an addon that logs inventory??
    Quote from Matrix110 »

    Almost nobody running a Router did update their Firmware after the major DNS issue was found and fixed in June/July, although pretty much every manufacturer made Firmware updates available. This can be exploited and the users cant prevent it if he didnt update his OS/Router. (many wowace people fall under the category of people that actually update :P)

    Well I know my manufacturer did not upgrade their firmware, and the brand or router is required my our ISP. :(

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    posted a message on Garbage Dump
    Garbage_fu will sell all garbage to a vendor and allow you to drop the cheapest item on demand with a click. (like when your bags get full).
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    posted a message on GatherMate: Offical Thread
    Quote from quirkster »

    Thanks for the great add-on!

    Feature Request / Suggestion:

    In the settings for the profession-specific filters, please add the ability to enter a skill level and have GatherMate automagically turn on and off the right checkboxes. Having many characters low in skill level and being a newbie, I'm having to look up required skill levels of various resources each time I go up five or ten points, then scan through the list of checkboxes for the new items.

    A simpler way to do this would be to simply append the required skill to the checkbox name, such as Copper Vein (1).

    A ridiculously cool way to do it would be to an an option for Gathermate to auto-check boxes based on that particular character's skill level. That would also be awesome for folks who have two characters with different mining skills, so they wouldn't have to manually check and uncheck boxes when they switch.

    what I wanted to say.
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    posted a message on Coconuts: Mount handling !Official Thread
    Quote from LordFarlander »

    ... I have been interested in using LibDataBroker-1.1 though, to allow the user to hide the button and have whatever LibDataBroker server they have show the info (but AFAIK that wouldn't be clickable, only a bound key would work then).

    The ability to hide the button (I've got it bound to a key) would be cool. LibDataBroker would just be a bonus for me.

    And thanks for the effort you've put in so far.
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    I'm also seeing this behavior:

    When i make the outline of my player health bar show my threat, the entire bar disappears under any circumstance except when I'm in combat.

    I read the rest of the thread but did not see an update. Can you add this the the list of features for the next version?

    thanks again for your work.

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    posted a message on Addon for sorting out all the buttons around minimap?
    you mean like this?


    I've been using it for a while and it's been working great for me.
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    posted a message on Dominos - A main actionbar replacement
    Quote from Tuller »

    I have honestly not put too much thought into the bag and menu bars up to this point, but feel as if they have a use. The real question is if they belong in Mangos core or not.

    As a long time Bongos fan, I need to give you a long over due... "thanks for the hard work!"

    I don't show the bag & menu bars them on my UI, yet I'm not fully sure that it's not Bongos3 who's hiding them, so here's a tentative vote to see the bag & menu bar separate from the core, while allowing the core to hide them :)
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    @Anadale Thanks, I didn't know we would loose the UI scale. I guess I just have some math to do :)
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    Really liking UnderHood, Thanks!

    Like most messages that start out that way I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to use WorldFrame as the parent of UnerHood's frames instead of UIParent? My world frame is sized to allow placement of my bars, chat & quest log "out of the world". And I'm having trouble getting the bars & text re-centered about the center of the WorldFrame, instead of the whole screen.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater 1.9.44+ Official Thread
    Quote from sylvanaar »

    Build 731:
    Build 732:
    Build 733:
    Build 734:....

    To paraphrase the last page of Green Eggs and Ham...

    Thank you! Thank You! Syl.va.naar

    (hope I got the syllables right)

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    posted a message on Help me fix these DogTag lines please!
    Here's few DogTag-3.0 tags that I translated form my old 2.0 tags:

    [[(if Status then StatusColor else [if CanAttack then DifficultyColor else gray]) (if Classification:Contains("Boss") then "??" else Level)] Concatenate(" ", Classification) Concatenate(" ", StatusColor Status)] [ReputationColor NameRealm]
    Concatenate(AFK:Gray, " ") Concatenate(DND:Gray, " ") Concatenate(PVP:Yellow, " ") concatenate([if IsEnemy then CreatureType:Gray], " ") Class:ClassColor]
    [(if IsEnemy then (ReputationReaction " " Faction:Paren):ReputationColor)]
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    posted a message on Macro Problem: Holy Shock and Exorcism on one spammable button
    Quote from shivers »

    could u please tell me then, how to supress this?

    Look for errorMonster http://www.wowace.com/wiki/ErrorMonster. I'm pretty sure you can add the "not ready yet" message to it's list of messages to suppress.
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    posted a message on hosting -> thataway
    If I read this thread correctly, the issue is WAU downloads a huge "index" file, and it is eating up bandwidth (read $)

    A possible approach it to send only the changes since last update...

    To do this create say 31 separate index files like so:
    0.xml (changes made today)
    1.xml (cumulative change since yesterday)
    2.xml (cumulative change since day before yesterday)
    3.xml (cumulative change since 3 days ago)
    30.xml (cumulative change since 30 days ago)
    all.xml (today's index)
    each file gets larger. someone updating every Friday would download 7.xml, and the multiple updates/day riders of the bleeding edge would download the small 0.xml

    the current process would be modified to create these 31 files instead of the single monolithic one today.

    WAU would always attempt to download ##.xml where ## is the number of days since last update. if the server detected that ##.xml did not exist it would redirect to all.xml (or just send it's contents instead)

    Adding a age based cutoff (say 180 days -- just tossing out a number) for the all.xml the size of it would be kept in check as well.

    PROS: Lower bandwidth
    CONS: changes to WAU to request the correct file, and the ability to update the local "database". changes to the index generating script, and the server redirection to all.xml on a ##.xml request when the file does not exist.

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    posted a message on Are DogTags too difficult? Help me make it better
    Using "blah" instead of [Text(blah)] would go a long way to making things easier.

    I'm like using & for and | for or and : for else, and at the risk of getting to may brackets enclosing the "if" like this [curhp == maxhp ? "true" : "false"] seems straightforward, and would allow for [curhp == maxhp ? "ready to fight " curhp : curhp "/" maxhp] fairly intuitively -- at least for me it is better than having a concatenation operator.

    Seems that white space is a logical concatenation operator.
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    Quote from LavahonCD »

    It's getting really difficult to find quests in outland. I think this would really help a lot.

    Give TourGuide http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7674-TourGuide.html a try for finding quests, it walks you right through them quite nicely.
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