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    Here are a few quick-and-dirty layouts for Grid for those of us who like to only see even or odd groups.
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    Quote from Pastamancer »

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    Frame -> Border option for Current Target

    I wrote this little plugin that (hopfully) does that :)

    It's my first wow "mod" ever so i am happy about comments on it

    don't forget to add the GridStatusTarget.lua to your Grid.toc

    If you update to r15984, you can use the toc below to make GridStatusTarget a standalone module.

    ## Interface: 20000
    ## Title: GridStatusTarget |cff7fff7f -Ace2-|r
    ## Notes: Adds a status to Grid to show your target.
    ## Author: noha
    ## Version: 0.1
    ## Dependencies: Grid
    ## X-GridStatusModule: GridStatusTarget

    I was attempting to make noha's module standalone per your instructions above, but I'm getting the following error (r15991):

    It appears that the defaults are not being initialized for the standalone module although if it is placed in the Grid directory (and added to the toc), it works. Are the default variables supposed to be handled by a statement in the OnInitialize method such as self:RegisterStatus('alert_aggro', L["Aggro alert"], nil, true) or do we need to include AceDB and create a new instance for the module?

    (Sorry if this question is noobish - this is the first time I've really played with coding in Ace.)
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