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    posted a message on AllPlayed: Seems like Fubar_Dominos is missing
    Where can i find that addon? I get a error in Line 6 and I can't find Dominos in WAU ...

    AllPlayed_revision.toc = GetAddOnMetadata("FuBar_DominosFu", "Version"):match("%$Revision:%s(%d+)")

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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Could someone please add Baggins to Jira?

    (I have to german version, so i need to guess the translations)

    There is a difficult to explain Bug in "Compressing" ...

    Imagine i had 5 "Bag of Many Hides" (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=34490) in my Bank. 4 that i use to store leather, 1 that i have in some other bag. (If I need more room for Leather oder more room for other Items i usually just exchange the bags.)

    If i now choose "Compress" (thru the icon at the bank view or thru the fubar menu) Baggins tries to merge the spare "Bag of Many Hides" into one of the used ones, giving a error message saying "you can only move leather into this bag" ... it's the same with all other special bags, Baggins always seems to think that it can store those bags in used bags of the same kind ...

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