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    Quote from dr_AllCOM3
    - still major performance issues on aoe situations, even with similar addons disabled (freya: big tree is fine, small adds aren't)

    I usually have terrible framerates in AoE situations too, the detonator pack on Freya25 the worst. So today when I saw framerates in the low tens when AoEing the worm trash before Hodir I remembered reading this post. To my surprise after disabling Skada my fps went up to around 30 on the next pack. While not a fully controlled conclusive test it definitely suggest that there might be some pretty serious performance issues with skada in AoE situations, at least for some people.

    Also the reason I came to check this thread in the first place was that since 2-11 the size of the window had reset and unless I'm really blind I cant see any way to resize it anymore. Locking/unlocking the window doesnt show anything to drag to resize it. Deleting the wtf files and reinstalling didn't fix it either.
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    Got this too today on a couple occasions but didn't figure out it had to do with zoning with a target. I basically got a bugged out version of the blizzard target frame appearing, it had someone else's name but my portrait and didn't update health and buffs properly. It didn't seem to be causing any harm though except just sitting there obstructing other parts of my UI.
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    Yep had this happen in Karazhan today. Didnt notice anything until I got that other bug with the blizzard target frame mentioned in another thread here and I tried to relog to clear that up.

    When trying to log back in wow completely froze for a long time, not sure how long I waited exactly before I gave up, a minute or 2 at least. After having to close down wow with task manager and trying again 2 more times with the same result I disabled all addons and could log back without issues. I then tried enabling just my most essential addons (ag_uf being one of them ;)) this time I got back after maybe a minutes wait but noticed on the fubar performace monitor that my ui memory usage was 76mb and when checking the tooltip ag_uf alone was using 50mb, after forcing a garbage collection total memory usage dropped from 76 to 29mb. If it matters I have the raid frames disabled (using grid for that).
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