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    Nuts, I've just seen your edit that you want 20-22". Although this is a 24" I'm on about the advice and feedback below should still be applicable.

    I really like my Dell 24" 2405FPW, now superceded by the 2407WFP. If you can afford the 22" equivalent then I'd consider adding it to your options.

    Check for resolutions supported, latency, input types, colour and scaling support, do you want panel rotation and so on. Given that there's usually only ever about 3 panels used amongst the major manufacturers you'll find that these criteria are probably more important factors than the name printed on the box. I certainly didn't expect to buy from Dell back when I got my screen, and at the time it was because of the lower price, better functionality and superior logic driving the same panel as Apple's then-flagship 24" Wide.

    My Dell has an integrated (powered) USB hub and card reader. Gimmicky to some but I've found it to be very useful. Additional to the standard VGA and DVI (with HDCP) inputs are Component, Composite and S-Video. The latter two can be used for Picture in Picture. I've found it a great way to have a PC monitor and 1080 capable games console display/TV. Dell, Apple and Samsung typically use identical Samsung panels and only differ in the controller logic, casing and extras such as additional input types.

    If you are planning on displaying any HD content then you may want to check that your panel of choice supports HDCP over DVI. Most do these days. If you think you'll be upscaling resolutions lower than native be sure the screen you get has a decent interpolator so the full screen image doesn't look awful. This will vary between manufacturers, not the panel used.

    Warcraft and other games play just fine on my 2405, and although there's some input lag (not to be confused with ghosting) I've not noticed it enough for it to concern me. FPS games and movies look great on it too, although newer panels show how they've improved when next to it.

    Be careful not to fixate on the response times alone. You'll often see that the quoted times are for rise and fall (black to white) response, not intergrey (grey to grey), which is often more relevant to normal use. Samsung panels quote the latter response time. The controller logic will also have an affect on the response of the screen. Input lag (time between signal input and display output) can affect an otherwise decent display. For example my 2 year old panel is rated at 12ms grey to grey and 16ms black to white yet it's the input lag that affects playing FPS games, not the response time. This is caused by the controller not the panel.

    Although a bit of a ramble I hope that's given food for thought. I'd like to echo the other recommendations for Samsung. Dell's more for the extras and colour reproduction than the display itself. Also take a look at NEC, LG and Hyundai in case they've put out something decent recently.

    Good luck!
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    posted a message on Event Messages
    I've just spent the last few minutes tracking it down. It's the latest revision of Ace2 (r44816) causing it. I reverted to r44791 and everything's quiet again.
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    I'm rather surprised by the change to forcing the use of ItemPrice. GarbageFu's function is that it lets you remove trash items easily, and does it well. It has never required an item value list - that merely makes it easier to evaluate what to throw out.

    Whilst I'm all for continued development of GarbageFu (and agree that supporting ItemPrice was a logical step), I shall be using a previous revision as I like to retain the ability to choose if and how I store my item values.

    Removing support for other databases or the option to have no prices at all - and therefore removing the choice from the user - is enough to warrant at least a branch of the code.
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    It's great to see the work coming along on the melee calculations.

    I've just been told "Dr. Damage: MH Type: Shields was not found in table. Please tell Gagorian."

    Revision r43379, shown upon logging in.
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    This is what I put into GarbageFu_Vendor.lua in order to use SellFish.

    Insert the function reference at the top of the file:
     GarbageFu.vars.vendoraddons = {
    	["sellfish"] = {name="SellFish", func="GetSellFishVendorPrice", check="SellFishDB" },

    Put a reference to SellFish so GarbageFu looks for it:
    GarbageFu.vars.vendoraddonsorder = {

    And then insert the following function anywhere from around line 83 onwards:
    -- SellFish
    function GarbageFu:GetSellFishVendorPrice(item)
    	if SellFishDB then
    		return SellFish:GetCost(item.id), "|cff0077ffVS|r"

    This was derived from part ignorance, part fiddling, but it works so far. Hopefully it doesn't break anything :)
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    Very nice, I can see this taking over from the original rather quickly :)

    A bug when reloading after using the filter lists (I had set up Blessings to be in the Blacklist of Group 1, and in the Whitelist of a new Group 4):

    [2007/03/29 21:34:03-586-x1]: ElkBuffBars-2.0 beta\ElkBuffBars.lua:356: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
    <in C code>: ?
    AceEvent-2.0-30806 (Ace2):251: in function `TriggerEvent'
    AceEvent-2.0-30806 (Ace2):997: in function <Interface\AddOns\Ace2\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:990>

    It fails to build any buff groups and falls back to the Blizzard buffs instead.
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    Here's the Alliance data I've collected so far. Mainly Outland but also some level 1-10 and 30-35 quests in there as well.
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