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    posted a message on RPHelper 2 not working since 2.4 (( details inside on how to fix ))
    So, I'm not a developer and have never coded anything. I can't get the UI to come up. One one of my characters it just says in chat Error: RPHelper2 GUI not found! On another character on a different realm it says the same thing but also has a pop up error that says

    ...ddons\rphelper2\libs\waterfall-1.0\waterfall-1.0.lua.444:You cannot open a waterfall without registering it first.

    I am a totally clueless casual player who just loves RPHelper. I did check the link in this thread to the other forum to make sure that the GUI folder was separate from the RPHelper2 folder in Addons and guess what? Couldn't find a GUI folder. I even checked all the folders in the RPHelper2 folder. No GUI folder or even anything that has GUI in it anywhere. I downloaded the update as well.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    EDIT: Uh, nevermind. Turns out that was a noobish error on my part for not extracting the GUI folder. But now another question (and maybe this is answered in some how to notes somewhere, but I haven't found any:

    When it says import something, e.g. priest, does that import any actual phrases? Or do you have to make up your own?

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