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    posted a message on Grid - Don't show Curse, Disease, Poison
    Hello together

    i have a problem with my grid after updating it to patch 5.2.

    It only shows magical debuffs. No curse, disease or poison.
    I've reinstalled it a few times, deleted the wtf, disabled all addons i have, so that only grid is working. Nothing worked.

    In the moment i can only see these debuff types by the raiddebuffaddon (and this only works for raids, so in the "normal world" is see nothing) and it makes me crazy @.@. Normaly i use sideindicators to display these debuffs.

    For testing only grid without any addons, i display the debuffy as a center icon, but same here, it shows only magic.
    The point to show only disspellable debuffs isnt active.

    Have anyone some ideas to fix this problem?
    Posted in: AddOn HELP!
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