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    During Maexxna, for whatever reason, the bars become screwed up. I think it happens when people die on the wall. Does anyone else have this problem? It can be really annoying when it happens right during enrage, and it happens to us all the time. We had a ton of people using BigWigs, and they all were using the latest version of the Maexxna module according to the version check.
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    You can use math.ceil and math.floor instead of your custom functions. =p
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    Hello, I have coded a mod called AutoReg that does precisely what is described in this thread. I have yet to code a FuBar plugin and Aceify if, but it manages buying stacks of items, and refilling stacks from the bank. The upload is now on wowinterface.com:

    Current Version: 06.07.2006

    I recently rewrote a reagent managing script from the ground up. It isn't just a reagent script, it can manage buying any item from the vendor, such as waters, crystal vials, rogue poisons, etc. It is fairly simple to use, and if you are just using it for reagents, it should work out of the box. It uses about 150k of memory (250k with the titan plugin), has a Titan Panel plugin, and has no impact on load times.

    Wowinterface.com Link Here

    The usage is in a command-line interface, but the basic commands are:

    /areg on|off --> enable/disable the addon
    /areg set --> use this to memorize item locations
    /areg memory on|off --> use this to determine if you want autoreagent to memorize the location of items in your inventory, or just use stack counts (haven't really tested too much with this off)
    /areg speed fast|safe --> buy items the 'fast' way (all at once) or the 'safe' way (one stack at a time). fast could theoretically fail in high lag situations.
    /areg list --> list current reagents
    /areg add reagent --> add a reagent, by shift clicking an item link, or can also specifying a name or item id (named item must be in your bags to be recognized)
    /areg del number --> delete a reagent from the list. can also specify names, ids and item links
    /areg limit amount --> set minimum gold for buying reagents
    /areg bank on|off --> enable or disable topping off stacks of reagents from the bank
    /areg reset --> reset all settings
    /areg dump --> dump settings
    /areg debug --> debug output on

    The titan panel plugin is configured by right clicking. It might take up a lot of space by default.

    NOTE: any messing around you do in your inventory while the script is running will probably muck it up, due to the way it counts events. If you encounter any problems let me know, I haven't tested it too much yet there are probably a few bugs.

    It had some problems recently with buying double or even triple or more, I think I have fixed those problems, let me know if they persist. (You can also turn on debug output with /areg debug then post a screenshot. ;))

    I see also in this thread that it would cause conflits with BagBoy. Perhaps my mod could synchronize with BagBoy in some way, like calling a function (if BagBoy is loaded) that returns true if BagBoy is finished all operations and the Bank or Merchant frames are open?
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