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    Quote from jmoore3274
    Ok this is getting very fustrateing. I can not find a viable link to download Curse any where. On the dev site it shows files but no link to download it. All I want is something to replace WAU. If any one knows of a better program please share. I do not have the time to comb through the world wide web hopeing I will find a updater I trust. My personal opinion is that the Dev's should have never taken WAU off line.

    http://www.curse.com/client/ I have to say I had to click about 2 times from curse.com to find that one. Power user level interaction right there I tell ya.
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    You mean something like this ?

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    Grats, that's already been done. No need to wait for a pesky developer to like your idea.

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    GoGoMount does all that is required for you.

    Here's the link for the beta one for WotlK

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    Here is the text I sent in the uninstall page that poped-up. Just copying it here to make sure it actually gets to someone :)

    Here is everything I have found that seemed wrong in the first 5 minutes on installation.

    -I have to login : I don't see why that is necessary. I don't even see what the purpose is. I don't need to login to individually install addons from curse or any other addons site. I don't have a premium account. I don't want to distribute information that doesn't need to be distributed either.

    -I got an addon that I didn't want from the get go. This was probably the biggest deal breaker here. That anywhere someone let that idea slip trough made me sure I did not want to use that product and will probably would only reconsider it after many discussions of what this implicates. There was no demand to install the profiler addon. No warnings that it was occuring. It's almost a chance I was working on a clean installation that I could see it. I could also not uninstall it. Frankly, if it would've been asked at the beggining as to how I can help to form a better database with this addon I probably would not have minded and felt I was contributing back somehow. But having it shoved down showed me that you went on a road that I don't think should be taken.

    It has given me a glimpse of what a closed source updater can be about and I must say that I find this view very bleak. Again, this action just showed me why I do not want to use a product that doesn't want to be transparent.

    Now on to the updater functionality itself.

    First of all, the updater wants to update a game I don't have (WAR) and there doesn't seem to be any indication of separation between the 2. I don't know if the fact that I didn't have it installed barred me from all the WAR addon functionality or if the addons were all together. The programs needs to know which is installed on the computer and needs to either completely hide any mention on the non-installed game or make sure that the functionality that is blocked is showed as so (gray tab sort of thing). Right now, having only WoW installed I didn't know if I was/could get my feet into the WAR addons by accident. I had that suspiscion because there was WAR terminology across the interface but nothing in the addon window that was supposed to differentiate the 2.

    For the addon list, there didn't seem to be a place to do semi-advanced search, just a search field to go for names. I want to be able to browse addons from the information gathered from the addon list. I want to see them by category and also by update date to see what's new.

    Also, when expanding the window, both the list view and the addon information pane seem to take each 50% of window estate. I want to be able to resize the addon information pane so that I can see more in the addon list when I size up the window.

    The list itself also seems to need some cleanup. The complete first page is just garbled of stud addons.

    With impeding merge with WoWAce, I was hoping for a client that might be a little flimsy but that provided the basics right. I'm sorry to say but it seems I will find other ways to easily update my addons once the merge occurs.

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    Quote from littlehead »

    any chance of making the "ctrl+T to tag" line in the tooltip optional? i like the showing of who has what and where, but this 1 extra line annoys me for some reason

    I also found that line to be irritating and the only way I found to disable it was to take the "Show Item tooltip information" off completely.

    That also disable who has what and that would be something I would've like to have there.

    Anybody found a way to have the best of both world?
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