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    Quote from Dridzt
    Offtopic but I switched to tullaRange a couple months ago after years of RedRange.
    I was pretty happy with RedRange and would probably still be using it if not for a glitch it suffers from
    for a very long time where buttons would - rarely - get "stuck" to out of range status when
    I'm obviously _in_ range and using the respective abilities.

    tullaRange also has minimal configuration for setting colors, a different implementation (but still tiny) and overall seems to be what RedRange would be if Iriel went over it again in recent times.

    While OT, there's also ButtonRange (what I use). I don't know which is better CPU-wise.

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    Quote from Ydrisselle
    Well, I'm using Yatba and it works without any problems.

    I figured it might still work, I'm just not keen on configuring my UI with inactive mods that could potentially break from future patches.

    What happened to this addon is that I actually stopped using (therefore writing) addons that fill most of my screen space with timer bars.
    Understandable. I've always preferred bars (versus icons w/text) because they catch my eye more easily, and I may not know a spell by its icon so the bar text helps. If you don't mind me asking, what is your personal solution to tracking buffs/debuffs (mostly debuffs) on units other than player?
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    I started playing again after several months, and discovered YATBA, one of my favorite mods of my WoW days, is no longer active.

    I searched an hour for a replacement buff/debuff timer mod that would track buffs/debuffs regardless of target or focus. I want to put buffs or debuffs on multiple units and track them without condition. The seemingly most popular timer mod, Class Timer, does not track buffs unless you have a target or focus.

    Long story short, I really miss this add-on. It was clean, looked great, worked great with an intuitively robust GUI. What happened to this project? Any chance in hell of a revival? ;-)
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    Click2Cast doesn't seem to work with the default Blizzard raid unit frames (the pull out ones).

    Is there a way to make it work? I use Pitbull for raid frames, but I use the pull-out pet frames of Blizzard's default frames for pets (Pitbull apparently can't group pets like the Blizzard default frames does).

    I just need Click2Cast to work for those default raid frames. Hm..
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    Pitbull is great, but it can't do one thing my previous frames could--it can't position auras inside a frame, which option I use for raid frames to condense the UI.

    So I use my old time mod AG_UnitFrames for my raid frames, and I use Pitbull for all other frames.

    Comparison of raid layout:

    Problem is recently AG_UF is bugged by the changes Blizz did to UnitBuff(), as detailed here (see 2.3.2 notes):

    So my question is, is there a 3rd party solution or other fix to have Pitbull show auras inside the frame? That's all I need and I can ditch AG_UF for good.
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    Quote from onion_ccc »

    maybe we need a manual aura filter now

    I have a half-ass fix for this that requires manual entry of auras. Probably not best coded and it's buggy in that the aura reported on mouseover can be incorrect, but it will filter auras correctly (which was enough for me).

    Somewhere at the top of ag_UnitClass.lua, such as below the -- SYSTEM -- line, you'll need to specify a "whitelist" of auras--only these will be shown.


    -- SYSTEM --
    aUF.classes = {}
    aUF.classes.aUFunit = AceOO.Class("AceEvent-2.0","AceHook-2.1")
    aUF.classes.aUFunitPlayer = AceOO.Class(aUF.classes.aUFunit)
    aUF.classes.aUFunitPet = AceOO.Class(aUF.classes.aUFunit)
    aUF.classes.aUFunitVanilla = AceOO.Class(aUF.classes.aUFunit)
    aUF.classes.aUFunitCombo = AceOO.Class(aUF.classes.aUFunit)
    aUF.classes.aUFunitFocus = AceOO.Class(aUF.classes.aUFunit)
    aUF.classes.aUFunitMetro = AceOO.Class(aUF.classes.aUFunit)
    -- The below is whitelist of auras to show 'cause 2.3.2 UnitBuff is trippy:
    local filterBuffs = {
      ["Blessing of Might"] = 1,
      ["Blessing of Kings"] = 1,
      ["Blessing of Salvation"] = 1,
      ["Blessing of Wisdom"] = 1,
      ["Blessing of Light"] = 1,
      ["Blessing of Protection"] = 1,
      ["Blessing of Freedom"] = 1,
      ["Blessing of Sacrifice"] = 1,
      ["Greater Blessing of Might"] = 1,
      ["Greater Blessing of Kings"] = 1,
      ["Greater Blessing of Salvation"] = 1,
      ["Greater Blessing of Wisdom"] = 1,
      ["Greater Blessing of Light"] = 1

    So you'll want to build an array like above but with your own class auras that you only want to show. I should also mention that only UnitBuff is weird, the AG_UF debuff auras still filter properly based on what you can dispel--so there's no need for a fix.

    Now do a text search for [font=Courier New]function aUF.classes.aUFunit.prototype:ScanAuras([/font], which ScanAuras() is the function that builds the aura index.

    Basically replace the code to this:

    function aUF.classes.aUFunit.prototype:ScanAuras()
      local buffid, id, unit = 1, 1, self.unit
      local c, name, rank, texture, debufftype, count, logdb, timeLeft, duration
      local filter = self.database.AuraFilter
      local dbcount, bcount
      local realBuffCount = 1;
      -- record buffs into a temporary area
      -- no special cases needed, just store the data
      name, rank, texture, count, duration, timeLeft = UnitBuff(unit, buffid, filter)
      while (name) do
        if filterBuffs[name] then
          -- record buffs
          c = aUF.cache.buffs[realBuffCount]
          c.id, c.name, c.texture, c.count, c.duration, c.timeLeft = realBuffCount, name, texture, count, duration, timeLeft
          realBuffCount = realBuffCount + 1;
        buffid = buffid + 1
        name, rank, texture, count, duration, timeLeft = UnitBuff(unit, buffid, filter)
      bcount = realBuffCount - 1;
      -- record debuffs
      -- special case: priest weakened soul debuff

    This filters auras properly but, like said, mousing over the aura might report another aura. If anyone can figure out why the GameTooltip:SetUnitBuff portion is still bugged, and can fix it, please post the fix. I'm not well versed in AG_UF's code, but enough to fix the filtering sort of. =)
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