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    This is a great addon. Does everything I want it to as it is suppose to, except for auto-maximizing. I have a total of 3 chat frames. 1 and 2 and linked together, and 2 is almost always kept in idle so that is a none issue. I generally have chat frame 1 and chat frame 3 visible at all times. Chat frame 1 is set for common talk, say, yell, guild, party, etc. Chat frame 3 is set for 'spam' aka global channels general, trade, local D, honor, etc.
    Whenever chat frame 1 would auto-max it does so without problem however chat frame 3 doesn't auto-max along with it. But whenever chat frame 3 would auto-max from one of its channels it maximizes both itself and chat frame 1. I haven't reinstalled the mod or removed the wtf file for it yet, however i did mess with it in game. In game whenever i moved the global channels from chat frame 3 to chat frame 1 and waited for someone to trigger auto max via trade channel. Both chat frame 1 and chat frame 3 auto-maxed.
    I would like to have the option of having both frames trigger both to maximize or have them maximize independently. If ive merely overlooked this and someone could point it out to me i would be grateful. Ill edit post after i reinstall addon and if it fixed the problem.

    edit : reloaded the addon replaced the wtf file multiple times but the frames still trigger as they did previously descriped.
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