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    Can anyone update this mod ? it's pretty good :( author seems inactive, its a really simple mod. But i don't know how to fix/update it ;x



    Servant of Arthas
    The Lich King is watching...

    Plays appropriate Lich King "whisper" voice-overs when certain talents proc or certain spells are cast. I tried to make it as non-spammy and non-annoying as possible.

    Currently implemented:

    * Talents/Procs:
    Sudden Doom (Death Trance)
    Hysteria (when you cast it on yourself)
    Killing Machine
    * Spells:
    Army of the Dead (untested)
    Raise Dead
    Unholy Blight
    * Other:
    Merciless Combat (target less than 35% HP)
    Player Death
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Hello, i have been using ClosetGnome since release <3 and it still working great.. But i notice that the switcher doesn't work with paladins ?(Auras) i can't seem to find the option. only Default, Login, Logout.. etc.

    Example: if i click devotion aura.. my gear should change to my 1 hand & Shield equipment, and if i click retribution aura it should should change to my 2 hand weapon....

    Is this possible ?

    Other classes seems fine.
    Like my rogue having different weapons when stealth, when im unstealth it changes to different weapons i set.
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