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    I gotta say I'd prefer to pay for WAU and files.wowace.com if you allow us to pay for the contiuation of them. I pay $15 for WOW, and now I am willing to pay WowAce $15 per month.

    Be honestly, I don't like www.curse.com at all, since the day I met WowAce. Now I download almost all my addons from files.wowace.com with WAU, except for OmniCC, Dotimer, SW Stats, such few exceptions. I will feel lost if you move to curse.

    However, things won't go that way. You have did so much for us; except "than you", I won't say a word on the day you shut down files.wowace.com

    Last words, I am not looking for any "great features" from curse client and the site itself. What I expect is it will keep the simplicity of files.wowace.com and WAU already have. The suggeted feature is that, I hope there will be a category called "Ace Addons", I really don't like the merger.

    Whatever you are going to do, thank you for the past three years and support you as long as we still have WOW.
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