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    I've got a small problem, essentially there is someone named "To" on my realm, that I often group/raid with, and when Prat saves his name it recolors every "to" it finds, as it supposed to. Unfrotunately the word "to" is far to common in the english language (even amount the WoW reduced lingo) and it bugs the hell out of me to see it coloured like a mage so much. Any way to exclude specific names in such a case?

    Edit: Just noticed the threat topic, which I suspect isn't the right thread for this question, but I got here following the link on the wowace Prat page.
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    Is there any way to control what buffs are filtered by the "Buff Filter" option in AG_Unitframes? Likewise with the "Debuff Filter" option? On my Restoration Shaman I can't get Curses to show up when I have Cleanse Spirit, to know who needs a cleanse. Also missing Inner Fire for my Priest on the player frame, all the damage mitigation cooldowns for my Death Knight, and a few other examples...

    If not, can anyone recommend an alternative Unitframe addon to do so? I've tried some (mostly X-Perl and Pitbull, although I haven't fully explored Pitbull) and I'm hoping to avoid having another addon to control that sort of thing.
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