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    Thanks for writing this addon. I've tried out various other feral gear comparison addons and they are all a bit lacking so far, but this one seems promising :).

    Just a quick question about the meaning of the numbers. I understand that they reflect the dps of the item, but is it relative to the item you have equipped? Do the numbers that show when mousing over an unequipped item mean you will gain that much over the current item? Or is that the raw amount you will gain from equipping that item with nothing in that slot? What about mousing over an equipped item, since it still shows numbers there (and not 0 or something, as if it was comparing to what was equipped).

    One suggestion I have is to not load or display the addon if your character is not a druid. I can easily just choose load the addon only for the characters I want it to, but it seems like that may be easy enough to put in the addon itself.
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