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    Thanks for the info :)

    I think you already have the instructions about UIDropDownMenu in case not: Link

    Today i was in a group (consisting of Blood-DK, Dis-Priest, Ret-Pala, Hunter, and myself - Arcane Mage)
    I got this message:
    AceTimer-3.0: Warning: The addon/module 'ZOMGSelfBuffs' has 638 live timers. Surely that's not intended?
    I used ZOMGBuffs r183

    I had no lagging problems or stuff like this.
    ZOMGBuffs used 450kb ram and ACE3 2,72 mb Ram
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    First of all: I'm glad that someone contious ZOMGBuffs!

    I tried a lot of Addons to compensate ZOMGBuffs - but I'm far more happy with the original :D

    When I installed this addon again, I wondered why Ace2 was reinstalled. When I tried to delete it, the Curse Client mentioned that Ace2 is used by ZOMGBuffs ... wasn't ZOMGbuffs an Ace3 Addon?

    When I think of the Framework discussion
    Quote from funkydude
    After bringing up the topic with Kaelten about killing Ace2 support for 3.9/4.0's release (whatever Blizz decides patch 40000 will be), we figured making a post to discuss it wouldn't hurt.

    So, what do you all think about the idea. Feel free to add any input/suggestions/criticisms/etc. Thanks :arrow:

    I'm a little confused - is this just temporary?I changed from Pally Power to ZOMGBuffs to get rid of Ace2 in the first place :)

    And Elkano mentions:
    Quote from Elkano
    I'm one of those lazy bastards that didn't update his addons from Ace2 to Ace3 (EBB, FriendsFu, GuildFu, ...) unless I recoded them.
    Still I'm also pro on the suggestion. 4.0 will be a good point in time to stop fixing stuff since many addons will need to have fixes applied anyways. This also allows to cleanup the addon base a bit since those that aren't ported to something else will vanish.

    And for the libs the same holds. This will most likely kill Tablet and DewDrop but well....

    2 more Libraries that would affect ZOMGBuffs ...
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