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    posted a message on CyCircled slight delay after combat finishes
    Not sure if this is the correct place to post but i hope someone can help me out, i've been using BT2 aswell as Cycircled for a while now and today i noticed that after a mob dies the screen would freeze ever so slightly, i checked all the mods and it only does it when CyCircled is enabled, anyone got any ideas? i've also updated all the mods using the wowace updater :)
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    posted a message on AGUF: Unitframe Layout Query
    Greetings all, new here :) I've been using nurfed for a while now but finally switched to Ag Unitframes but there is something that I've been wondering, I've got the majority of the frames set up into position as i normally have but there are a few issues.

    Player Health
    The options seem a bit limited, im not sure if I've been looking at the wrong things I've tried to insert the percentage aswell as the units health but it sometimes comes out as dots.

    I've 'attempted' to draw/design a layout in Photoshop similar to the one that i was used to with Nurfed.

    Is such a layout possible? I don't mind putting in the effort to make it :)
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