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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    Ok after looking at the transcript logs I can not see a way to adequatly time any of Archmage Arugal's abilitys so until I can or someone else can come up with a way, he will just have the Boss kill sound.
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    Quote from Athariel »

    Sethekk Halls modules don't work correctly. Transcriptor log for Talon King Ikiss attached, but 2 other bosses are also bugged.

    Herioc or Normal? and what is bugged about it?
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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    Ok as soon as my SVN access is allowed I will update with what I have, also If it is possible another SFK log from anyone.
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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    Thank you funky for clearing that up, I thought asmuch just wanted to check.

    Quote from yoshimo »

    to spawn pyroguard emberseer you neeed to have 3 people clicking on the altar so you cant solo this instance for technical reasons^^

    Exellent I thought so just seemed to pop into my head I needed to do it twice for some reason.
    Quote from yoshimo »

    rend blackhand has 7 or 8 waves and if you are too lazy you have 2 or more of them at the same time^^

    I need to know exactly so I can add them in
    Quote from yoshimo »

    regarding fenrus, i think its just tank&spank , his only special attack is a toxic saliva, according to wowhead.

    I found that out too but on the transcript I'm using apparently there is also "Arugal Voidwalker" In the fight and need to know if this has anything to do with the fight.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from Darthbrenna »

    Good Day, I'm getting the following error from BigWigs which is causing it not to run. I'm the only one in my guild having this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

    Interface\Addons\Bigwigs\Core.lua:280:AceAddon:AceOO-2.0:Library "AceDebug-2.0" does not exist

    You seem to be miss a lib module try downloading with externals enabled.
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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    Either way until WotLK comes out it does not really matter.

    Anyway I will have a new version up tonight, I just wanted to get more than 1 module done before I did my first update.

    Thanks for all the transcripter scripts.

    If its possible can anyone get another gnomeregan transcript, also Fenus the Devourer having never been to SFK can anyone explain what this boss actully does?

    Edit: Now I think about it for UBRS does anyone know how many waves there are and how long between each wave there is for Rend? Also I can't remember for Pyroguard Emberseer do you have to click the alter so the guards attack you then push it again or does it do it automatically?

    Quick point for Funkydude the BRS module, as it is a raid do you want it to have its own module or just include it in Babywigs.
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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    At the moment:
    BigWigs = "Raid Group Required" content
    LittleWigs = "Non-Raid Group Required" - TBC Content
    BabyWigs = "Non-Raid Group Required" - Origional Content

    After Wotlk
    BigWigs = "Raid Group Required" content
    LittleWigs = "Non-Raid Group Required" - Wotlk Content
    BabyWigs = "Non-Raid Group Required" - Origional and TBC Content
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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    If babywigs it going to become any pre-expansion modules, would it be logical to put all the 20/40man modules in here aswell or keep them as they are?

    Ok I will have a look through all the transcript files, thank you. I will also take a look at the MC and Naxx stuff.

    Thanks for the Onyxia transcript I should have a version of that up as soon as I get SVN access.

    Having a look at the gnomeregan, SFK and UBRS module I see several things I plan to add but anymore ideas off what is wanted or needed would be benifical.
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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    Fire away all ideas will be considered, theres a fair few bosses that I have never seen and don't plan to ever go back to seen so for them I am literally just doing a update for. Also I may off put it in my opening post but for 5man bosses what timers and such else are needed, as I am not a alt person really and proberly won't be running some of them anytime soon so any ideas for anything is welcome really.
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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    Ok I didn't know that littlewigs would be adding the 70/80 instances then. Well I do still plan to do all the old content, including updating the 20/40man raids for fun, so I still need those logs.
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    posted a message on Babywigs - When a joke becomes real
    Ok now I know babywigs was original a joke and quite frankly you don't need timers for those instances, However I do plan to add the WoTLK 5man bosses when it comes out and as such I plan to use babywigs to practise how to set up the modules.

    So behold my list of boss I need chatlogs/transcripter logs for and suggestions for whether or not there is any timers I can put in or I missed a few bosses or made a few up (good chance I have) or basically just anything.

    Mr. Smite
    Captain Greenskin
    Edwin VanCleef

    Shadowfang Keep
    Razorclaw the Butcher
    Odo the Blindwatcher
    Baron Silverlaine
    Commander Springvale
    Fenrus the Devourer
    Wolf Master Nandos
    Archmage Arugal

    Targorr the Dread
    Kam Deepfury
    Bazil Thredd
    Dextren Ward

    Viscous Fallout
    Grubbis and Chomper
    Electrocutioner 6000
    Crowd Pummeler 9-60

    Scarlet Monastery
    Bloodmage Thalnos
    Interrogator Vishas
    Houndmaster Loksey
    Arcanist Doan
    High Inquisitor Fairbanks
    Scarlet Commander Mograine and High Inquisitor Whitemane

    Obsidian Sentinel
    Galgann Firehammer

    Temple of Atal'Hakkar
    Avatar of Hakkar
    Jammal'an the Prophet
    Ogom the Wretched
    Shade of Eranikus

    Blackrock Depths
    High Interrogator Gerstahn
    Lord Roccor
    Houndmaster Grebmar
    Pyromancer Loregrain
    Lord Incendius
    Warder Stilgiss
    Fineous Darkvire
    General Angerforge
    Golem Lord Argelmach
    Ambassador Flamelash
    The Seven
    Emperor Dagran Thaurissan and Princess Moira Bronzebeard
    Gorosh the Dervish
    Hedrum the Creeper
    Ok'thor the Breaker
    Panzor the Invincible

    Black Rock Spire
    Burning Felguard
    Spirestone Butcher
    Spirestone Battle Lord
    Spirestone Lord Magus
    Highlord Omokk
    Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin
    War Master Voone
    Mor Grayhoof
    Bannok Grimaxe
    Ghok Bashguud
    Urok Doomhowl
    Mother Smolderweb
    Crystal Fang
    Quartermaster Zigris
    Gizrul the Slavener
    Overlord Wyrmthalak
    Pyroguard Emberseer
    Solakar Flamewreath
    Jed Runewatcher
    Goraluk Anvilcrack
    Gyth & Rend Blackhand
    The Beast
    Lord Valthalak
    General Drakkisath

    Malor the Zealous
    Archivist Galford
    Cannon Master Willey
    Timmy the Cruel
    Hearthsinger Forresten
    The Unforgiven
    The Stratholme Courier
    Fras Siabi
    Crimson Hammersmith
    Grand Crusader Dathrohan/Balnazzar

    Blood Steward of Kirtonos
    Kirtonos the Herald
    Jandice Barov
    Death Knight Darkreaver
    Marduk Blackpool
    Ras Frostwhisper
    Instructor Malicia
    Doctor Theolen Krastinov
    Lorekeeper Polkelt
    The Ravenian
    Lord Alexei Barov
    Lady Illucia Barov
    Darkmaster Gandling

    Ragefire Chasm
    Zelemar the Wrathful
    Jergosh the Invoker
    Taragaman the Hungerer

    Wailing Caverns
    Mad Magglish
    Trigore the Lasher
    Lady Anacondra
    Lord Cobrahn
    Lord Pythas
    Lord Serpentis
    Verdan the Everliving
    Deviate Faerie Dragon
    Mutanus the Devourer

    Blackfathom Deeps
    Lady Sarevess
    Baron Aquanis
    Old Serra'kis
    Twilight Lord Kelris

    Razorfen Kraul
    Aggem Thorncurse
    Death Speaker Jargba
    Overlord Ramtusk
    Earthcaller Halmgar
    Agathelos the Raging
    Blind Hunter
    Charlga Razorflank

    Rzorfen Downs
    Plaguemaw the Rotting
    Mordresh Fire Eye
    Amnennar the Coldbringer

    Sergeant Bly
    Theka the Martyr
    Sandfury Executioner
    Hydromancer Velratha
    Witch Doctor Zum'rah
    Chief Ukorz Sandscalp

    Lord Vyletongue
    Tinkerer Gizlock
    Princess Theradras

    Dire Maul
    Lethtendris & Pimgib
    Zevrim Thornhoof
    Alzzin the Wildshaper
    Guard Mol'dar and Guard Slip'kik
    Stomper Kreeg
    Guard Fengus
    Knot Thimblejack
    Captain Kromcrush
    Cho'Rush the Observer
    King Gordok
    Gordok Tribute
    Tendris Warpwood
    Magister Kalendris
    Illyanna Ravenoak & Ferra
    Lord Hel'nurath
    Prince Tortheldrin

    This means that a version of these bosses are already up

    Thank you.
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