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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    I encountered a few problems when entering combat when this mod was enabled. After disabling this mod they all worked as they should do. I always use the wow ace updater so I always have the latest versions.

    ag_uf and pitbull
    If i didn't target something before I entered combat my target and target of target would not be displayed.

    bongos2 (only noticed this on my warrior)
    when I changed stances the bar with my abilities appeared to lock preventing those abilities for that particular stance being displayed. However leaving cobat everything worked fine.

    Bartender 3 did not have this problem.

    I don't know if this is a problem with this mod or how the others are written etc. for the short period I used this mod I thought it was fantastic.
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    posted a message on ag_unitframes (range check) distance?
    Not sure if this would help but I use Healing Range Alpha and set the colorize depth level to 0.

    Its not an ace mod.

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    posted a message on pitbull - character swapping problem
    I havent noticed any errors but this does happen when characters join the raid and possibly happens when they are swapped around too.

    I have also noticed sometimes the colour changes for the class type and but the name doesnt change.
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    posted a message on pitbull - character swapping problem
    Pitbul Version: r33924
    Wow version: uk, none test realms

    Not too sure what's happening here.

    I have noticed something unusal happen during raids, not within a party. Characters are sometimes being swapped around and I cannot put my finger on it. Nirek made a post about it, and for a healer it is very awkward. Reloading the interface does bring it back into sync.

    Quote from Nirek:
    The raid frames seem like they get confused, cleared Kara last night and found that various raid members would get transposed, the name would not match the bar/status of the person. For instance I would be dead running back, but my raidframe would show the healthbar and color of one of the warlocks which was still quiet alive. Thankfully not a healer or that would have been most distressing:)

    When it happend for me I ended up healing the healer who was healing a tank instead of me healing the tank. This was in Kara.

    I noticed one of the healers was classed as dead when it was someone else. This was in ZG.

    I use Clique for casting on bars but if I select the character it show's its correct status and also their targets.

    Sorry I cannot provide more information, will update with any bugsack reports I get.
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