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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - MobHealth or MobHealth3 ?
    Quote from Seerah »

    I think the MobHealth on the svn is MobHealth3....

    Yup :)
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    posted a message on Problem with AceOptions, Waterfall and Dewdrop.
    I was looking for a thread to report this, because I'm sure someone must have brought it up sooner!
    But it looks like they haven't, and this is as an appropriate thread as any.

    Mainly with things such as aguf, this particular function is really annoying, as there are times when I simply *cannot* get the correct size I'm after, and it drives me batty.

    While I haven't had the guts to go into the SVs and fine-tune it that way (That would drive me insane), I do get really bummed about the 'stepping' thing, and am pleading with you guys to do something to make it user-intuitive.

    It never used to be this way, I remember we used to have integer based steps...but gradually I've noticed it's resorted to 2s, then 5s, and even 10s at's really, really annoying :(

    /end rant
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    posted a message on Buff / Debuff sizes
    Yup,that's what mine are like too, it's impossible to see what's going on :(
    And yes, that's with the lowest row/column count too...
    There really needs to be a way to scale the buffs/debuffs independant of the frames.

    Would that be possible at all ag, it'd make aguf perfect! (Pretty please!)
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    posted a message on DrDamage/TheoryCraft Mod for Melee/Ranged
    Yeah, I always look out for the DrD info when I'm playing my warrior, and am constantly reminded of its absence :( To have a module or an alternate addon that functions for the missing melee/ranged skills would be phenomenal!
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    One little thing I noticed, when bank bags are purchased, you have to go in and "reapply" your categories in order to see the reflected changes in Baggins. Same as when you change a bank bag to a bigger bag, etc. It IS only a little bug, but for convenience sake, is it possible to fix this up?

    Also, just checking in, as we haven't heard from you for a while Nargiddley, how are things going!
    We've got lots of feature requests here, and no reply, so was just wondering.... :P

    (pssst. When can we purchase bank slots through Baggins, it's not even on the todo!)

    Anyway, I appreciate all the hard work you've done on this immensely, it truly is the bag addon to end all bag addons.
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    posted a message on tekKompare
    Not with something so tiny, that's why tekkub made the choice not to use Ace in the first place.
    And that's what the whole ace movement has been about from the getgo- forward thinking and as efficient coding as humanly possible.
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Select "Hide Default Bank Bags" in the options.
    Other than that, you've got another addon that's opening the bags automatically for you (likely it's "bags and merchants", or something to that effect).
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Quote from chiefcastor »

    Is Baggins planned to someday hook calls that open the bags rather than having to bind it to the 'b' key?

    It is an awesome mod and this is what is keeping me from using it. I usually click my bags to open my oneBag. If I have Baggins it just opens the default blizzard bags. Drives me crazy (well not just me I know other people in the same situation as me). :-P

    But it's such a minor and easily-worked around issue. Familiarise yourself with binding B and use that!
    I'd rather see features like being able to buy/see bank bags, and being able to view bank contents offline (I don't even particularly care about seeing alts content, but seeing your own bank items is crucial, and the only thing I'm really missing).

    Don't mean to sound abrupt or anything, but I couldn't possibly fathom how something that small would stop you using such an amazing addon. Creature of habit, eh?
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    posted a message on Jigsaw: Tradeskill Goal Tracker
    Awesome to see you back, jj :)
    Jigsaw is such a must-have for anyone that has an important tradeskill role in a guild.
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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    Quote from Devla »

    I have no way of testing this, so please add this line to mage.lua:
    self:AddTimer(self.EVENT, BS["Summon Water Elemental"], 45, 0,1,1, { cr="BLUE" })

    Just a heads up for anyone interested in adding their water elemental timers, it's actually:

    self:AddTimer(self.SPELL, BS["Summon Water Elemental"], 45, 0,1,1)

    Add that to your Mage.lua file.

    One question, does anyone know how to activate two different timers for the one spell? I really want to show my 3minute water elemental cooldown timer if possible (because it's so tiny and is used heaps).

    Adding another timer doesn't seem to work, but I don't really understand what I'm doing anyway :P
    Also, is there anyway to get an explanation of what the cr, xn=BS, a=1 stuff is in the data lua's?
    I use them when adding spells, but don't know what they are really. (I tried looking)
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    posted a message on nQuestLog
    Quote from Silverstorm »

    Cool. What I mean by #3 is have an option in the keybindings interface to bind a key that would show/hide nQL. You don't have to override the other one, or remove it. I know that mods like ArkInventory provide this for bags, and I set their keybinding to 'B' and unbound my key from the Blizz default bags. So you would have:

    Toggle Quest Log: [ key binding ]
    Toggle nQuestLog: [ L ]

    At least, that's how I'd set my keys. If others don't want to keybind nQL, they can leave their keys for the regular one.

    If that isn't clear, please ask for more clarifying. :) Otherwise, I start digging into nQL for a self-modification.

    Just for now if you'd like Silver, you can use this macro:

    /script if ntog==1 nQuestLog:ToggleVisible(true) ntog=0 else if ntog==0 nQuestLog:ToggleVisible(false) ntog=1 end

    One thing I'd like to request, when you alt+rightclick on the log, could you put in an option to show all zones and hide all zones? That'd be really need for when I want to get an overall look at my quests, or to tidy up my screen space.

    Thanks neuron, fantastic work on nql :D
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework
    I'm still having issues with a right aligned chatframe not allowing links to be clicked :(
    I have checked "fix links" in the options and reloaded.
    Side note, even when I change the justification of that chatframe, I still cant click on the links for that session- is that a normal symptom? If you need any other info, just yell- am using v27361.

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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Ahh, they've both been answered before Nayala.
    Firstly, make sure you have "Do not show duplicate items" checked under the items options.
    Secondly, make sure you have "Hide default bank bags" checked.

    Wa-la :) Just make sure you have your closetgnome category above your other categories that might pick up those items, as it filters down the list of categories when sorting which duplicate to hide.

    Think that's right, just off the top of my head!
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    posted a message on Jigsaw: Tradeskill Goal Tracker
    Without wanting to flout my powers of necromancy too much, this addon was really too great to leave to die without one more stab at reviving it. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to maintain jigsaw since it seems jjsheets has disappeared?

    It's definitely a one-of-a-kind addon, there's nothing out there that offers the same functionality.
    Currently it *somewhat* works, but spams the chatframe with debug errors eg. says "clear jewelcrafting" about 50 times every now and then. Sometimes I get that error above too.

    It would be a huge shame to let this one disappear, as it was absolutely essential when collecting vast amounts of mats to make certain items like flasks, etc for the guild.

    Here's hoping! *crosses fingers*
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    posted a message on FuXPFu - (As inspired by Bant)
    Quote from prophetik »

    Quote from Terefen »

    Quote from jonsnow »

    On a french version, the factions menu is empty whereas it was full only a week ago, do you have the same problem or is it a translation one ?

    I have the same problem on my enUS client.

    Getting the same problem here as well.

    I'm also experiencing a similar problem. The other thing I noticed was that even though I have "show text" and by "xp" selected, when I first login nothing appears in fubar next to the icon. I have to manually deselect show text then reselect it.

    THat's all though, everything else working like a charm :) Thanks!
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