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    i'm talking about adding Assist to bg targets.

    Add a key bind to set assist and de-set assist. i.e

    ctrl + f "assist set to player name"
    ctrl+ f (untargeted) " assist cleared"

    Add a key bind option to use Said quick assist bind.

    Add macro support

    #showtooltip Clash
    /targetenemy [noharm][dead]
    /cancelaura spinning crane kick
    /assist {bgtargetAssistUnit}
    /cast Clash

    so when you put "/assist {bgtargetAssistUnit}"

    in a macro before the spell, you auto target your assist's target.

    so you can quickly, Set assist, deselect Assist and can assist Via key bind button or via macro line by adding "/assist {bgtargetAssistUnit}" to any spell or ability macro.

    thats my idea.

    also, Add auto copy enemy name list to paste in this site "http://rbgcheck.com/"

    so you can mass auto check enemy team's gear via world of warcraft armory.

    "RBGCheck allows you to quickly check the pvp stats of the group you are in or even the group you are playing against in battlegrounds. All data is pulled directly from the armory. Just enter their names either typing manually or using the addon provided."
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