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    I tried to insert a whole bunch of res messages (basically taken from here) into SmartRes2 (Beta 105.4). Uhm ... yes, I know ... but ... but .... ;)

    I simply appended them to the randChatTbl array by just incrementing the counter. Only ... smartres doesn't seem to work after the modification. Actually it doesn't even seem to load properly (no config dialogue available).

    I attached the modified file.

    I've been checking for 'funny chars', quotes, (back)slashes and stuff -- without success. Any ideas what I've been doing wrong? ???

    Oh -- and I know I should ask Kae, the blog author, for permission to use all the messages in an addon and of course I'll do so ... if there's a chance to get this thing to work. :eek:

    Thank you very much.
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