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    hi all, in first sorry for my very bad english :( i have some idea for any addon...

    1) name plates
    monk heal a lot with particolar spell, torpedo chi, chi burst and Spinning Crane Kick i need an addon for setting the name plates (whene u press ctrl-v) to setting see just real player (hide totem, npc, pet ecc...) and show the name plates whene just the life it's 90% for example...

    2) uplift assistant
    a mini pannel whene u can see number of people with the buff of Renewing Mist, the time of first player near the finish the time (example: y remain 10 sec and x remaing 3 sec u see just 3 sec) and the most important the number aproximative of u uplift in this moment... example u uplift heal 20k, and u crit are 25% and 5 man are renewing mist up but one player miss just 10k of life...
    20k x 4=80k healing + 25%= 100k+10k=110k

    somebody understand me? :(
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