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    Hello, I hope someone keeps updated the mod and that Apopco hasn't gone UA on us. However, I have a question: I've been using RBM for awhile now, and absolutely love it in Arena. However, I've run into a slight complication when I want to customize it even more for my 2s team. What I want is instead of long/short bars, I want a Hostile bar for my enemies' cooldowns and a Friendly bar for my teammates' cooldowns. I've checked the "friendly casts/buffs/etc" for the Friendly bar under Filtering Options, and the opposite for the Hostile bars, but it's not been very successful. =\ For one thing, I've disabled everything but Ability Watch since it seemed like a total combination of the rest. I have Prayer of Mending checked (I'm a priest) in every option for it, and it still doesn't track it when I use it myself on either bar. I guess I'm just horribly confused as to a) If this is possible and b) the specific differences between the plug-in modules. I've looked around but theres no real "How-To" on RBM, and I would make one...however still a little puzzled obviously =) Sorry for the confusion, but please help! Thanks =)
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