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    Long time user, first time poster.

    I'm making a Diablo 2 UI using PitBull and Bartender, and there were two things:

    1) The health and mana bubbles are on opposite sides of the screen, but the hardcoded max width is 400. Not nearly long enough to do it. I can easilly change this in the .lua, but I was wondering if there was any way to make it easier to change the max width of a frame.

    2) Thanks to SharedMedia my bars and font look the way they should, but there is no support to add a texture to a frame background leaving it a dull grey (sad face, I know). Is there any work to add texture support for more areas that now just colors?
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    Looking at the current code in Priest.lua for Fade (which is a pain to find true in depth documentation on), and the code is written so that the more points in Shadow Affinity I have, the less effective Fade is:

    local shadowAffinityRanks = {0.92, 0.84, 0.75}
    self.fadedAmount = max(0, threatAmounts["fade"][ranknum] * self.shadowAffinityMod) * self:threatMods()

    This doesn't seem right to me.
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