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    posted a message on Problem with Pitbull & profiles
    any ETA on fixing this problem?

    its really frustrating to not be able to copy profiles between chars, i got the setup i want on my main and some of my alts but the new ones are just doomed since i dont wanna redo almost everything on them :(

    please fix
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    posted a message on Pitbull - Profile Copying
    same error, wtb fix please
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    posted a message on Mage addon CS/Spellsteal
    I would like an addon similar to "Shaman Friend" but for a mage, for those who havent used Shaman Friend ill try to explain what I want.

    First off what I DONT want is an addon that just announces "I used counterspell on <target>", if I would have wanted that I could just have made a macro.

    I want it to be a little more complex than that, if the CS interrupts a school it should either announce "xxx-school interrupted 8sec on <target>" or just "<spell> interrupted on <target>"

    But I also want it to report when the target resists my CS, or when I miss a cast/cast improved CS pre-emptive it should detect it and say something like "<target> silenced for 4seconds". Same as Shaman Friend you should be able to config if u want the announces in group/raid or just for yourself in SCT/witchhunt and so on.

    Also an announce for what I spellsteal and from whom would be nice, like the purge announce in Shaman Friend.

    If anyone know an addon that already do this, then you are better at googling than me :(, otherwise it would be awesome if someone with some knowledge about making addons make one. Im sure more ppl than me would use it.
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