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    Silver Hand Templars of Dawn. :) We are semi RP guild. Great group of people, but not really a raiding guild. We do have some fun groups and activities but if you're heavy into raiding and high end we probably aren't for you. Oh we are alliance side, but will prbably be reinventing on horde for the expansion. We'll have the Templars of Dusk or some such companion guild horde side.

    Many of the Insomniax team have recently joined us. Mostly because we are laid back. :)

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    Quote from "instant" »
    Ah, clicky-buttons next to character portraits..
    Cant have that. :-)
    Probably nice if you like clicking though. I dont. Keybinds is the wave of the future =)

    I like clicky buttons!! :lol: I"m a well over the hill, old hippy player, and I can't remember what key is bound to what from day to day. Not to mention that I have two accounts and 16 characters. They all have different needs for binding, since they are different classes, or played differently.

    It's why I still use benecast and will till it dies.........at which time I shall cry..........alot!! I'd love to see something ace'd like benecast.
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