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    Hello, I would like a mod that would made possible to summon bosses to fight alone or with others, would increase engame fun and extend Minecraft 1.12.2 gameplay.



    - Summon any boss from vanilla or installed mod

    - Summon any mob as a boss from vanilla or installed mod (maybe it could be a bit bigger or have any aesthetic diference from regular mob model)

    - Any boss summoned could be as stronger as enddragon/wither (or other), also have similar health

    - You would need to gather some items first and craft some boss orb on crafting table. Orb could have a different symbol/rune for each different boss

    - Boss orb would go to something like an summoning block or altar placeable on ground, maybe dark and with runes (craftable block/altar).

    - The summoning altar would have something that would allow to manually increase dificulty level or maybe add an item to change that level (ex: 3 diamonds for level 3 difficulty). Level choosen would increase boss health (maybe damage too). That way you could test your skills alone or do a raid with more players.

    - To summon a boss you would use summoning cube/altar to increase dificulty first, then add the orb to summon.

    - Did not think about the reward system but Boss dead = xp / items / maybe a boss head as a trophy. .Maybe some new items, not very OP but usefull instead (ex: a book that would store/return some XP levels to player, some item that would prevent mob spawn in a radius area, etc). this items would be non-craftable, you would need to do more fight to get more.


    Thanks for reading, I hope you like the idea :)

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