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    posted a message on Equivalent Storage but for AE2

    Lets face it: Equivalent Energistics isn't very good. Crafting things is super annoying, It doesn't craft just one but tries to craft 64 at a time and will often tell you that you are missing a super dense emc crystal when you only need a piece of sand and have a couple thousand emc. It also doesn't give you any access to your personal emc nor does it tell you how many of something you have availible.

    All that said, I know people who don't see any problem with it, which is why I'm making a mod request.

    I just want a simple mod that adds either a block you can hook up to your system or something of the sort. When it's attached, the AE system will display that it has (personal EMC / item's emc) availible and you can take them out and it will remove it from your personal EMC and decrease the amount of other items you can have.

    Basically, this does exactly what I want but it's for Refined Storage.

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