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    Bump (hope that's okay, I gave it a while)

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    When that kind of thing happens please share what you found so that people who google this exact question have an answer when they come across this post :P

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    So I'm trying to put together a cool little cooperative RPG experience using a Forge server and I find that I can do the majority of what I want to do with just a few mods, it's quite a fun project so far. But I did run into one thing I'd like to do that I can't seem to find an appropriate mod for.

    The basic idea is that I want a way to spawn waves of enemies that track towards my players' base and try to overrun it.


    Basic features of the mod:

    • Some way to pre-configure different wave types (EG, 40 Zombies & 10 Creepers)
    • Ability for admin to spawn a wave based on a wave type at a certain location
    • Waves will path towards a coordinate set by admin (or a custom block placed) if no player is nearby
    • If a player is nearby, normal combat AI takes over

    Features that would be nice to have:

    • Allow the mobs in waves to be custom mobs from CustomNPCs mod
    • Allow the mobs in waves to be mobs from Primitive Mobs mod
    • Ability for specific wave types to randomly (or at pre-set intervals) spawn from pre-set locations whenever 2 or more players are online
    • Have some NPCs able to break through blocks as they attempt to path toward their goal
    • Have the waves able to path for really long distances even if the chunks aren't loaded (not sure if possible)
    • A cool option could be to have automated waves originate from a source block which, if destroyed, stops the waves from spawning

    I am not a coder so there is no way I could take this on. I was wondering if it was the kind of thing that has enough broad appeal that someone might want to take it on as a project?

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