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    Do you love modding games? Do you love Stardew Valley and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the office life by being on your own farm? Then you should check out the new event on the Bulletin Board!

    Starting Today, CurseForge is running a modding contest dubbed STARJam!

    This competition will be a 3 week long event where modders will compete to make the best mod for Stardew Valley! There will be three different categories for judging. The first category will be the most uniquely downloaded mod. The second category will be a Community Vote. The last category will be the CurseForge Pick, selected by a team of 5 from CurseForge. The prizes for each category will be $750 for the Winner and $250 for the runner up!

    To learn more and sign up, visit the STARJam homepage!


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    We are asking the community what game you would like us to support next! We have created a poll over on the Author Forums asking what game you would like us to add support for. Please vote and let us know. If you have any suggestions for games we should add that you don't see on the list, let us know in the forum thread and we will try to add them to this vote or future votes!


    Link to the Vote




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    In order for Kerbal Addons to be compatible with the Twitch Desktop App, they must follow a standardized structure.

    The structure is as follows



    ├── Addon Root Folder (typically named after the Addon)

    │      ├── Addon Contents
    │      └── Additional Sub Folders as Needed
    ├── Other Addon's Root Folders

    |     └── Their Contents
    └── Squad


    This Structure will allow Addons to be managed by the Twitch Desktop App successfully and coexist with other Addons. A good example of this layout is the MechJeb Addon which shows the proper structure.


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    Installing a Modpack from Twitch App

    Looking for a modpack on Twitch App? Just released a modpack and want to make sure it's showing up in the app? No problem, that's easy! This article is a general how-to on finding and installing a modpack from within Twitch App, but keep in mind that CurseForge is designed for Authors, so some terminology may be targeted at those users.


    Don't have the Twitch App yet? Download it here!


    As long as the author has followed the instructions here about modpack submission and has a file with the "Release" status (otherwise take a look at this article here, useful if you are still in Alpha or Beta), and the file has been live for more than 30+ minutes, then this article should help you find and install a specific modpack.


    First up, navigate to the Minecraft Tab in Twitch App. From here, click "Browse All Modpacks":



    This will lead you to a page that by default is sorted by Featured modpacks. In the top left is a search bar. Start typing the name of the modpack you are looking for:



    The modpack you are looking for, provided you have the correct name, should be sorted to the top. Once you find it, simply click install!



    After the pack completes its download an installation, it will now appear as a new profile under your Minecraft tab. From there you should click "Play" and have a blast!

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